Educational and educational and methodical work

Process of training are carried out on new technological methods (a graphic organizer, the project, case methods, lecture with multimedia materials) Besides, according to chapters of programs 1-2-3-7 of a course there are thematic educational audiences (3) Staff of chair actively participates in creation of educational and methodical recommendations, manuals using new, modern pedagogical technologies in the subjects "Philosophy", "National idea: main concepts and principles", "Sociology", "Bases of spirituality and religious studies", "Philosophical problems of medicine", "Kulturalogiya", "Ethics, esthetics and logic". In the last three years on the basis of modern pedagogical technologies working programs specialized for training in the subjects "Philosophy", "Bases of Spirituality and Religious Studies", "Logic" are created. Educational and methodical grants in the Uzbek Sociology language for 3 courses are prepared.New estimated criterias on "Philosophy" are developed for 2 courses..