Educational and educational and methodical work

On faculty students of 3-rd rate in a subject « Propaedeutics of children's diseases », students of 2-nd rate in a subject « the Doctor and the patient », and also students of 1 rate the medical sister of the top skills on a speciality « the Theory of sisterly affairs» are trained. At carrying out of teach modern pedagogical technologies (graphic organizers, the project, a case methods, multimedia presentations) and information-technological resources are widely used.








An estimation of knowledge of students are carried out on rating system. Final examinations are spent by the integrated method (ОSKE). Efforts employees of faculty are made educational, educational -methodical grants on propaedeutics of children's diseases, the common care of children, theories of sisterly affairs by the newest pedagogical technologies. For last year 2 textbooks are published more than 10 educational -methodical grants.




the curator report 2015-2016

public lesson plan 2015-2016

calendary teamatic plan


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