Happy mothers, healthy children the country

On the initiative of our President Islam Karimov in the country in 2016 has been declared the "Year of a healthy mother and a healthy child", in this regard, the staff of the Information resource center of Tashkent pediatric medical Institute in the reading room of the University administration interviewed students on the topic "Happy mothers of healthy children of the country".

During the conversation, the IRC staff told the students about the need to protect the health of mothers and children, reproductive health, especially among young people, to maintain the population, dissemination of healthy lifestyles, the need to pay serious attention to the issue of ensuring the formation of a new generation, both physically and spiritually, that before serious attention was paid to the question of promoting the formation of a healthy generation in the country, therefore, the year 1998 was declared the "Year of family", 2000 – "the Year of healthy generation", 2001 – The "year of mother and child" and 2014 is "the Year of healthy child", and it shows the depth of reform.

In addition, there is a wide range of measures to improve the reproductive health, formation of healthy families, which is an important factor in the prevention of hereditary diseases, and established in all regions of the country modern screening centers, the Republican specialized scientific-practical medical screening centre and the centres of reproductive health maternal and newborn also show the transition to high-quality care.

The center's staff, along with the wall newspaper, devoted to ongoing conversations "year of a healthy mother and healthy baby", was organized a book exhibition and reading room came in, the students got acquainted with the novelties obtained by the center of literature.

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