Division activity

The Division works with the AL and PC

1. The Division operates in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the regulations of the institutions of higher and secondary special.
2. Monitoring the activity of the department is the leadership of the High school.
3. For activity The department (one head, two Methodist) is appointed by the rector of the university.
4. Department operates according to the action plan approved by the rector of the university and reports to management on the work performed.
5. In their department academic lyceums and professional colleges performs methodical work.
6. Analyzes the state of teaching and educational work of relevant institutions, their compliance with national standards, and develops recommendations on improving their quality.
7. Involved in cooperation in the training of managers and specialists of educational institutions in planning their skills and training and prospects, in the diagnosis and development of information and educational materials.
8. Summarizes the most productive experience of specialists and heads of educational institutions and take measures for their implementation.
9. Assists in the development and organization of conferences, seminars, competitions, exhibitions, contests, competitions and others.
10. Involved in planning the publication of teaching materials, teaching aids, textbooks, and in the choice of their authors. Inform schools of published textbooks, manuals, videos and other audio-visual education, and analyzes the need for them is education.
11. Examines information about the world teaching experience and organize implementation of advanced technologies in the field of education.