To the employees

1. At the request of academic high schools and medical colleges contribute to the work on part-time professor, and graduate students of higher educational institutions in these academic high schools and medical colleges.
2. Creates conditions for teachers and students of partner schools and academic medical colleges use of traditional and electronic learning literatures are in information and resource centers of higher education.
3. Creates the conditions for the exchange of experience and training of teachers and educators, engineers, medical colleges in specialized departments of higher educational institutions.
4. Provides and monitors partnerships with academic high schools and medical colleges.
5. Makes recommendations to the spiritual and material promotion of professors academics providing their high-quality services of academic lyceums and medical colleges.
6. Contribute to the expansion of research and education and educational processes in schools, strengthen the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of students by increasing their regulatory guidance, training and organized information and resource quality, to young professionals, graduate work, strengthening the link between secondary special professional and higher education.
7. Examines the state educational standards, curricula and programs in the field of preparing the College according to the normative-legal acts of secondary special and professional education, exploring their application in life and has a proper organized and methodical assistance.
8. Provides practical assistance to improve the skills of teachers professors of academic lyceums and medical colleges, in particular, to develop their knowledge of computers and the Internet, knowledge of the English language and its practical application, the use of advanced learning technologies and media in education and training.
9. Helps conduct of training and educational conferences in schools, the formation and development of international educational and research links, professors teachers and students to participate in international research and training grants.
10. Practical assistance in the organization of spiritual and educational work in the schools, in the appropriate organization of free time for students, organizing activities to build feelings of love and duty to the country and build a lasting immunity against the various manifestations of students evil alien to our people, religion and history.
11. Create conditions for the improvement and development of information and resource material and technical base of academic lyceums and colleges in accordance with the Information Resource Center, a center of information technology and the center of innovative learning technology in higher education.
12. The timetable for the lectures and seminars professors university teachers in academic lyceums and professional colleges and approves the rector of the university.
13. Together with the rector of the university approves plan for analyzing supply school textbooks, and the application potential of information and resource center of the university, the database of the university and educational development departments.