List of documents


The entrant at receipt for study in HIGH SCHOOL hands over to a selection committee following documents:

  •  Application  addressed to the rector of educational institution with instructions of a direction, language and mode of study;
  • The original of the document on secondary and secondary special, vocational training;
  • The medical inquiry under the form 086/u;
  • Passport copy;
  • 6 photographs in the size 3,5х4,5 sm;
  • Folder 2 pieces and an envelope 2 pieces


The original of the passport and the document on a military duty are shown by the entrant personally to a selection committee.

Besides if the entrant is the winner of the international and republican Olympic Games, competitions   it is necessary to hand over the original of the document confirming its right to receipt on an out-of-competition basis to a selection committee;

Entrants having recommendations for study from military unit till July, 20th it is necessary to hand over the document original in a selection committee. After the specified term the given document isn't accepted and isn't considered.