The UZHELTH Consortium in the Tempus framework hereby publishes a call for its Second Pilot Student Mobility Scheme for advanced students.

 Deadline for Preliminary Applications (“Declaration of Interest”): 10 November 2015

 Final selection of 2 Mobility students: 25 November 2015

 Beginning of the Mobility: 15/16 February 2016

 End of Mobility: 15/16 May 2016

 The UZHELTH Consortium comprises 4 European and 10 Uzbek Higher Education Institutions as well as the relevant Ministries of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Public Health, Agriculture and Water Resources, Secondary Specialised and Higher Education). It is constituted to carry out the UZHELTH project, a Structural Measures Project (2013-2016) supported by the European Commission through DG EAC, Tempus Programme (Project 544445-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-IT-TEMPUS-SMHES), Grant Agreement: 2013-4621.

  Among its objectives UZHELTH has that of testing its competence and learning outcomes-based quality, mobility and recognition tools, through short term student mobility, allowing advanced Uzbek students of the Health-related Subject Areas (Agriculture, Environment, Human Medicine, Veterinary Sciences) to participate in a Pilot Public Health module, a preparatory part of which will available in their own institution and on-line, and the rest in the European partner institutions.

  The UZHELTH mobility student will be an advanced student (Master level, or, exceptionally, PhD level), who will first complete the preparatory module for the equivalent of 3 ECTS credits) and then study full-time at the four European host Universities belonging to the UZHELTH Consortium (University of Pisa; University of Porto; Slovak Agricultural University, Nitra; Ghent University), for 3months, starting in mid February 2016.

  The selected students (2 from each Uzbek partner Institution) will spend approximately 3 weeks in each European partner University, in order to develop a broad, collaborative and transdisciplinary approach to Public Health. There will be a final meeting in Brussels with the European Commission. The mobility will enable the selected students to become acquainted with the basic Public Health issues faced by the various Health-related disciplines, observe a variety of practices, interact with them, contribute their own insights, and take back to their institution their hands-on experience, which they will report on, contributing to the finalization of the UZHELTH Public Health modules. The mobile students will be awarded a grant sufficient to cover their subsistence and travel expenses.

 How to apply:

  The Consortium hereby invites students enrolled in the UZHELTH partner Universities of Uzbekistan to present a “Declaration of Interest” in order to participate the selection for the mobility scheme. The “Declaration of Interest”, presented using the form included in Annexes of this Call should be given to their own UZHELTH Coordinator. The deadline for presenting the Application docs  is 10 November 2015.

  All Masters students of TPMI  are eligible to present the Declaration.

   The final selection will be announced by 25 November 2015.

 Please download necessary documents in order to start Application here

 For further information, please contact the TPMI UZHELTH Project Team:

Innovation Centre (IC)

Tel.: 262-34-22


 Call Published: 10 October 2015