Credit Mobility in the Pisa University

  Credit Mobility in the Pisa University

 for the period 20.02.2017-19.05 2017 

Mobility period: 20.02.2017-19.05 2017 (375 hours)

Place of the mobility practice: Ospidale S.Chiara (-Largon Medaglie doro, 9) Pediatric Department (Edificio 1). 

Under supervision of Pfor.D.Peroni (Director of Pediatric clinic) and also the main pediatric endocrinologist-diabetologist Prof. G.Federico


In the clinic of pediatric there are more than 10 ambulatory rooms, including an allergological ,cardio-rheumatology, neurology, onco-hematology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, a thyroid pathology room, a cabinet for bone metabolic problems in children, and rooms for functional and laboratory diagnostics.

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Research work

During the Mobility we conduct a questionnaire on quality of life of patients with Diabetes Mellitus 1 type using pump insulin therapy and without in order to collect research data concerning the scientific work on the topic "Assessment of the quality of life of children which on modern methods of insulin therapy."

The main aims of the work were focused on methods of threating type 1 diabetes in children using new technologies and achieving good metabolic control of children with type 1 diabetes.

The materials and methods of assessment the quality of life was questionnaire : «Quality of life for youth» (DQOLY-SF © 2006: H. Hoey, H. M. McGee, T. C. Skinner and S. E. Skovlund) Questions about living with diabetes

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During 3 month observed approximately 100 patients and 50 of them with DM1 type and from them 12 using pump insulin therapy and 33 multiply injection of insulin. There is the results of questionnaire the quality of life of patients by using pump insulin therapy and multiply injection:

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Patients using pump insulin therapy have been divided into 5 main groups:

1-group- patients without pump insulin therapy

2- group – patients using pump insulin therapy during 1 year 

3-group – patients using pump insulin therapy during 2 -3 years

4-group- patients using pump insulin therapy during 4-5 years

5-group – patients using pump insulin therapy more than 5 years

Based on the results of the questionnaire on the evaluation of the quality of life, the following results were obtained

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During 3 month observed approximately 50 patients with DM1 type and 12 of them using pump insulin therapy and 33 multiply injection of insulin. To compare the results of questionnaire it was obviously that the quality of life of patients by using pump insulin therapy on 30% better than multiply injection.

1 group( without pump insulin therapy) has the problem with impact on activities

2group(using pump during 6 month-1 year) has problem with worries about diabet

3group(using pump more than 2 year) has high scores at the part of parents issue (they assess their condition good but parents worries about diabetes as well)

Introduced with new technologies in Diabetology

Also, during the Mobility it have been introduced with the new generations of pumps, glucometers and other technologies relating to metabolic control:

One of the tasks of modern Diabetology is to obtain a complete picture of fluctuations of blood sugar during the day. In order to optimize the therapy CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring System), a system of continuous glucose monitoring, represented as a instruments that measure blood sugar  regularly with short intervals (1-10 minutes) for several days and it can help to solve this problem. 

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Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

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Sensor augmented pump insulintherapy(Dexcome+Animas Vibe)


Participation in the scientific conference

Further, on March 9, 2017, took part in the annual conference of diabetologists of the city of Pisa.  «IL BAMBINOCON DIABETE GIOVANILE Quale tutela?» (Grand Hotel Duomo, S Maria 94, Pisa,).


1.Dottoressa Beartice Cauteruccio, psicologa Presentation: Psychological aspects of  Diabetes Mellitus type 1 in children.

2.Prof. Massimo Martelloni (Presidente COMLAS, Coordinatore ASL Toscana Nord-Ovest per la gesione medico legale dei sinistri,Dirretore U.OC Medicina Legale di Lucca.

3.Dott. Onofrio De Lucia, vice President della Commissione Medica Superior INPS.


During the conference, there was discussed questions about the training of primary school teachers in providing hypo- and hyperglycemic conditions in children with type 1 diabetes. Also,  about the opening of new diabetes school projects.

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Participation at the Congress in the framework of Erasmus + 

In addition, it was attended in the congress dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Erasmus +. In this Congress we were represented as international students of the University of Pisa from Uzbekistan.

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The program involved more than 4 thousand educational institutions from 33 countries. Since the program began in 1987, more than 2.2 million students have become its participants.

For many European students, participation in the Erasmus + program was the first opportunity to live and learn in abroad. As a consequence, the "Erasmus experience" is known as a cultural phenomenon. "The experience of Erasmus" was considered by us not only as an opportunity to receive additional education, but also as an opportunity for social development and establishing communication with peers from other countries.

The main director of the European Union emphisized  that the students of Erasmus are strengthening cultural integration in Europe and helping to create a Pan-European identity. 

Overall conclusion: 

Every journey into the new life is a new experience and discovery. A three months of my life in Italy as a part of EU Mobility Program was a celebration of that very experience and discovery. Given program was useful in many ways, but most importantly in terms of social and academic aspects which has a great impact of my personal and professional development. That was possible thank to the organizers of this program represented by Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute, Pisa University and European Union that deserve my wholehearted gratitude and profound reverence

Furthermore, I had a wonderful chance to take free lessons of Italian and have successfully completed the beginners course. Attending this course was very useful not only in terms of learning the basics of Italian language, but also meet with new people and indulge into multicultural environment.

Direction: Endocrinology and Pediatric Endocrinology

Azimova Ozoda  Tal`atovna