Credit Mobility in the Pisa University

Credit Mobility in the Pisa University

for the period of 20.02.2017-19.05 2017


Mobility period: 20.02.2017-19.05 2017 (375 hours)

Place of the mobility practice: Ospedale S.Chiara (-Largon Medaglie doro, 9) Pediatric Department (Edificio 1). 

Under supervision of Professor D.Peroni.(Director of Pediatric clinic).

The department of pediatrics includes chambers where there is a round-the-clock monitoring of patients, as well as there are rooms where patients are treated on daily basis. Areas: cardio-rheumatology, neurology, onco-hematology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, thyroid pathology cabinet, cabinet on bone metabolic problems in children, functional and laboratory diagnostic rooms, and children’s allergology.


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The theme of my thesis (dissertation) is “Optimization of early diagnostics of bronchial hyper-reactivity in persons with respiratory allergies”.

-For the internship period under the guidance of the professor, I have mastered and improved many methods of diagnosing allergic diseases, as well as the reasons for predispositions to it. Such as, carrying out skin allergic tests, provocative methods, depending on what the reaction is: patch test, prick test, prick by prick, provocative test.

-interpretation of analyzes of molecular diagnostics of allergic diseases;

- accepting patients with conducting physical examination methods: palpation, percussion, auscultation, measurement of height, weight, calculation of body mass index.

- spirography for patients with complaints from the broncho-pulmonary system.

- vaccination with allergens.

- production of sublingual immunotherapy.

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Prick test.

 In this picture, a clear example of a diagnostic test is provided. The test is performed either on the back or on the arm, depending on the amount of allergens. Fix marks on the skin with a pen, then apply drops of allergens, after which the scalar is injected with point injections. The results are interpreted after 20 minutes.

In the course of this type of test, a large number of allergic reactions to Acari (mites), Faggio, Graminacee (plants) were determined.

This method also reveals a large number of negative results of allergic tests in the presence of a single allergic reaction.

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In this picture, a vaccine called Acaroid, retrieved from ticks. When the diagnosis is established, vaccination with this vaccine is prescribed. Vaccination is carried out in the forearm of the left arm in the muscle, carried out strictly according to a special calendar.

Lynda Lattke, Francesca Bianchini are conducting the “Erasmus Orientation Meeting”.

Acquaintance with the students of the Erasmus program.

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The meeting provided information about the University of Pisa, coverage of issues related to the city of Pisa.

The presentation was given by lecturers about the customs and traditions of Italy, after lecturing each student was given time for an oral presentation of his country.

Visit to GUT Microbiota for Health World Summit. Paris, Le Meridien Etoile, 81 Boulevard Gouvion - Saint - Cyr, 75017 Paris.

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Registration in the library of the University of Pisa. Biblioteca di Medicina e Chirurgia, Farma (Pisa, Via Savi, 10).

Director of the library Dr. Patrizia Ciucci

Responsible for the library is Elisabetta Soldati. 

This library is equipped with more than 5 000 books, some of which are old enough to be from the 16th century, and the library is signed for updates of the latest medical journals in various areas, the library has an access to computers and printing equipment, and we were given an open access to the electronic library of the University of Pisa.

During the internship, the library was regularly visited, where I worked with different resources after the main activity in the clinic.

Visit to the museum of the department of anatomy and pathology with the head of the department professor Gianfranco Natale.

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The museum is divided into several parts: department where rare plants are collected, ancient recipes for treatment of various diseases, unique manuscripts of physicians and scientists gathered for several dozen of centuries.

During the internship, the University of Pisa provided the opportunity to study Italian language.

On 26.04 2017 the final exam in Italian course consisting of 2 stages was conducted, after which followed 7 stage test: a written test on a computer, an oral examination, a conversation with teachers. Band score for the exam was 100-points, where I succeeded to get 94 and received a certificate (A1 - excellent, 4 credits). 

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During the internship I visited the 19th National Congress of the Children’s Allergology and Immunology Society.

“19 Congresso Nazionale della Societa di Allergologia e Immunologia Pediatrica", which was held from 4 to 6 May in the city of Florence, Palazzo dei Congressi e Palazzo degli Affari.



The congress, that was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Erasmus + was attended by the representatives from Uzbekistan, where we were introduced as international students of the University of Pisa from our country. On the stage we were given the floor when we told that we are the students of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute of our solar and native motherland.

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More than 4,000 educational institutions from 33 countries participated in the program. Since the launch of the program in 1987, more than 2.2 million students have become its participants.

For many European students, the Erasmus program provided an opportunity to study abroad. As a consequence, the “Erasmus experience” is known as a cultural phenomenon. “Erasmus experience” was considered by us not only as an opportunity to receive additional knowledge, but also as an opportunity for social development and establishing links with peers from other countries.

The head director of the European Union stressed that the former students of Erasmus are strengthening cultural integration in Europe and helping to create an exchange of knowledge, culture and traditions between the countries.

I would like to note that this opportunity gave me a lot of new things about the specialty chosen by me, and also contributed to my spiritual and cultural development, that are one of the many priorities of this program.

From this internship I acquired certificates on the Italian language, participation in conferences, as well as from some of them issued by the clinic, where I was taking my internship practice.

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Direction: Therapy and Internal Diseases

Ismailova Elnara Nadirovna