Appeals procedure based on test results

According to the law (, applicants who are dissatisfied with the results of the tests are entitled to file a complaint in writing or electronic form to the Appeals Commission within the period from August 21 to August 30 (according to the appointed time).

Thereafter, the applicant must be sent a notification with the passport and permission of the applicant on the date specified in the notification.

The complaint is considered by the Appeals Commission in the presence of the applicant based on his / her written responses.

The entrant will be provided with a copy of the answer sheet, a list of the answers to which the test assignments have been erroneous, and the test booklet given during the test.

Based on the submitted documents, the entrant will provide in writing a response to each wrong test task.

The Commission decides to approve or reject the appeal, and if the applicant applies, a copy of that decision.