Short-term training course on "E-Government"

Short-term training course on "E-Government"

In the period 01-05 May 2017 passed short-term training course еру faculty members of Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute on the theme "E-Government". Trainers course by Igor Vikhrov and Kenichi Tezuka. The main topic of course was the basis for the development of the theory and practice of e-government worldwide and in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Half the time of course was the initiation of practical skills in the Unified Portal of State services of Uzbekistan, the legal framework and the housing sector.

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During the lesson, Mr. Kenichi Tezuka of international organizations JICA senior volunteer on ICT, made a presentation on the theme of Japanese E-Government. The report was very interesting especially as the Electronic Government in Japan is different from our E-Gov system and what recommendations can be of interest to the Republic of Uzbekistan based on the experience of Japan.

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Those participants that scored 70 points or higher will receive a certificate of successful completion of the course.

The training was held in interactive format and actively asked questions. Overall evaluation of the course upon its completion the participants has been positive.