Reporting and election conference "Kamolot-2017"

On March 7, 2017, TashPMI held a report-election conference "Kamolot" based on the results of its work for 2016 and the election of a new chairman of the primary organization of the Kamolot ODM at TashPMI. The participation was made by the pro-rector for spirituality and enlightenment of MA Akhmedov, the Dean of the Medical-Pedagogical and Medical Faculty of the Faculty Valiev A.R. And holders of the breastplate "Uzbekiston belgisi" Shamsiev A. and Boltaev B. With the report the present chairman of the primary organization "Kamolota" Nasirov Abdulaziz Ahmatullaevich acted. He in his report provided information on the work done by activists and students in 2016, in which more than 100 activists and students took part. Compared to the past years, the work done for 2016 significantly exceeded the indicators of 2013-2014-2015. Then there was the process of electing the new chairman of the primary organization Kamolot openly, the candidates were: Assistant of the Department of Medical Psychiatry Nasyrov AA; A 4-year student of the Medical and Pedagogical Faculty of Tozhiakhmedov M. The victory in the election went to Nasyrov AA, who collected 70% of the votes. At the end of the event, the ceremony of rewarding Kamolot activists for the year 2016 was held.