The President approved the State program "Year of the attention and care of the older generation"


The President approved the State program "Year of the attention and care of the older generation"


On February 18, the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a resolution "On the State Program" Year of attention and care for the older generation".

The document was adopted in order to implement a wide range of measures to further improve the level and quality of life of older people, to increase their material and moral support, social, pension and health care of elderly people, especially veterans of war and labor front 1941-1945, strengthening the role of the older generation in the family and society, in the education of youth in accordance with centuries-old values and traditions of the Uzbek people.

According to the decree of the President's priorities and areas of implementation The state program "Year of the attention and care of the older generation" is defined:

- further improvement of the legislative and regulatory framework aimed at creating favorable legal conditions for strengthening care and attention to the older generation, improve their quality of life, improvement of the pension system and social support, forming the most convenient for the elderly system providing public services, including obtaining various certificates and supporting documents;

- strengthening the address social protection and support for older people, primarily of veterans of war and labor front 1941-1945, made a worthy contribution to the Victory over fascism and the restoration of our homeland, expansion of the list provided to older people, especially those living alone elderly and the disabled, social and personal services, increasing their material and moral support from the communities Foundation of Nuroniy", other non-governmental organizations and social structures to ensure their well being and decent living conditions;

- raising the level and quality of health and social service veterans and the elderly, organization, system improvement, expansion of preventive measures, coverage and availability of modern methods of treatment of diseases of the organs of sight and hearing, musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular diseases, increase security of the elderly and disabled assistive and rehabilitation equipment, including on concessional basis, further strengthening the material-technical base of health care and social services, specialising in care for older people;

- implementation of the system on the basis of a broad set of measures to provide proper attention, comprehensive support older people who have made an outstanding contribution to improving the defense, economic, cultural and intellectual potential of the country, the formation of public peace, harmony and stability, actively participating in raising healthy, harmoniously developed young generation, the implementation of specific measures to increase the role and authority of the elderly in the family and society, the education of children and young people a sense of deep respect, worship and care for the parents, every old person;

- strengthening and improvement of effectiveness by providing comprehensive attention to each old person raise to a qualitatively new level of system organization of life and leisure older people, paying special attention to the creation of districts and communities for their communication centers, clubs, creation of conditions for the employment of older people in physical culture and sports, the increase in broadcasting and the creation of the interests of the people of the older generation of new special thematic programs, shows and movies television and in the media, in cinemas, theatres and other cultural and educational institutions;

- strengthening of the organizational structure of communities and local authorities sector for providing constant attention to the elderly and persons with disabilities, bearing in mind the implementation of the necessary coordination and monitoring of agencies and services, primarily services the pension, social and medical support.

Document the Republican Commission is asked to provide:

- within a week - the creation in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, oblasts, city of Tashkent, districts and towns relevant committees on the implementation of the State program headed by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and the heads of the respective territories, making them personally responsible for an unconditional, full and timely implementation envisaged in the State program of activities;

- within two weeks - the development and adoption ministries, agencies, companies, associations and other business associations, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, khokimiyats of regions and of Tashkent branch and territorial programs Year attention and care about the older generation for each Ministry and Agency, territory, city, area and locality;

- coordination at the level of the Republican bodies of state and economic management, and public authorities in a timely and quality implementation of activities included in the approved State program, setting the system monitor the progress of their implementation;

- presentation at the end of each quarter to the office of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan information on the implementation of measures stipulated by the State the program "the Year of the attention and care of the older generation".