Applied projects

Applied projects for the period of 2015-2017 years

Applied project ADSS 15.26.1

 "Development of an automated system of certification scientific medical staff in higher education instition to assess the level of knowledge of modern information and communication technologies and foreign languages skills"

Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor B.T. Daminov





Applied project ADSS 15.26.2

 "Improvement of technologies of modern methods of anesthesia and postoperative management of early age children for early activization after cardiac surgery"

 Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor T.S. Agzamkhodjaev





Applied project ADSS 15.26.3

 "Development of a new method of operation to strengthen ligamentous apparatus and fixing the vaginal stump while performing vaginal hysterectomy using synthetic strip"

 Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor D.D. Kurbanov





Applied project ADSS 15.26.4

 "Development of diagnostic algorithm and choice of correction method for anomalies of development of ureterovesical segment in children"

 Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor M.M. Aliyev




 Applied project ADSS 15.26.5

 "Development of iridodiagnostic and dermatoglyphic markers for suicidents and drug addicts"

 Project head: MD, PhD, Assistant Professor M.A. Iskandarova






Applied project ADSS 15.26.6

 "Development and improvement of complex non-ionizing clinical-X-ray diagnosis for pneumonias and their complications in children"

Project head: MD, PhD, Assistant Professor G.A. Yusupalieva




 Applied project ADSS 15.26.7

 "Development of algorithm of comprehensive diagnosis for Duchenne / Becker muscular dystrophy based on the analysis of clinical-molecular-genetic correlations, which are characteristic for the regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan"

Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor Y.N. Madjidova





Applied project ADSS 15.26.8

 "Development of criteria for prediction and diagnosis of angio-cerebro-renal dysfunction in ischemic stroke and improvement of treatment"

 Project head: MD, PhD Kh.A. Rasulova


Rasulova Hurshida


  Applied project ADSS 15.26.9

 "Development of quantitative criteria for diagnosis and assessment of severity degree in case of poisoning with narcotic and psychotropic substances"

 Project head: MD, PhD, Assistant Professor Kh.Kh. Yakubov




 Applied project ADSS 15.26.10

 "Improvement of staged correction for axial spinal deformities in children with scoliosis"

 Project head: MD, PhD, Assistant Professor F.R. Umarkhodjaev





 Applied project ADSS 15.26.11

 "Development of new advanced methods of diagnosis and organ-preserving treatment for uterine myoma in women of reproductive age"

 Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Assistant Professor Sh.A. Zufarova





Applied project ADSS 15.26.12

 "Development of a method of pharmacological correction for intestinal microbiocenosis in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus"

 Project head: MD, PhD, Assistant Professor Sh.U. Akhmedova