Applied projects

Applied projects for the period of 2012-2014 years


Applied project ADSS 30.1

"Development of method for optimizing the use of results of scientific researches in higher educational institutions"

Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor B.T. Daminov



Applied project ADSS 30.2

"Development and study of modern methods of anesthesia, perfusion and postoperative management of children of the youngest age groups with congenital heart defects"

Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor T.S. Agzamkhodjaev



Applied project ADSS 30.3

"Development of method for enhancing healing of myocardium necrotic lesions In the experiment"

Project head: Dr.Biol.Sc., Professor N.M. Yuldashev



Applied project ADSS 30.4

"Development of allergies in children, treatment and prognosis of outcome and development of clinical and immunological criteria for selection and treatment"

Project head: MD, PhD, Assistant Professor M.N. Karimova



Applied project ADSS 30.5

"Development of method of ovulation stimulation by correcting immune and hormonal systems of females with infertility of inflammatory genesis"

Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor D.D. Kurbanov



Applied project ADSS 30.6

"Optimization of surgical treatment and rehabilitation of children with low fistulous forms of anorectal malformations"

Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor M.M. Aliyev



Applied project ADSS 30.7

"Development of forensic identification complex based on dermatoglyphics in individuals of Uzbek population"

Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor A.I. Iskandarov



Applied project ADSS 30.8

"Development and improvement of comprehensive clinical-echographic diagnosis of hemodynamic changes in chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis in children"

Project head: MD, PhD, Assistant Professor G.A. Yusupalieva



Applied project ADSS 30.9

"Development of evidence-based monitoring and evaluation program for impact of sports on development and health of children"

Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor D.I. Akhmedova



Applied project ADSS 30.10

"Development of new method of immunocorrection in newborns with intrauterine growth retardation, born in asphyxia"

Project head: MD, PhD, Assistant Professor Z.J. Rakhmankulova



Applied project ADSS 30.11

"Improvement of main principles of express-diagnosis and intensive therapy for emergency conditions in children: their realization in expert system"

Project head: MD, PhD, Assistant Professor G.M. Usmanova


Applied project ADSS 30.12

"Development of early diagnosis and improvement of treatment for sensorimotor neural hearing loss in children"

Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor Sh.E. Amonov



Applied project of Nukus filial of TashPMI ADSS 31

"Assessment of pathology of reproductive function considering ecological factors in the Aral Sea region"

Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor O.A. Ataniyazova