Division Activity

Main tasks of Department:

  • Organization, coordination and monitoring of research activities of the Institute on grant programs in the priority areas of medical science, technology and education;
  • Provision of necessary conditions for development and realization of scientific-technical potential of faculty members, researchers and academic structural subdivisions of the Institute on grant programs;
  • Strengthening communication on scientific and technical cooperation between local and foreign scientific organizations;
  • Organization of measures on introduction of scientific achievements in public health practice;
  • Active involvement of scientific-pedagogical personnel in research activities through participation in competitions of research grants, scientific, scientific-technical, innovative programs on realization of strategic priorities, promoting, thus, development of the Institute as a single scientific-innovation-educational complex;
  • Attracting the most capable and talented students, masters and young specialists in research activities at the Institute in the framework of research projects carried out.


Main functions of Department:

In accordance with the tasks, Department performs the following functions:

  • Organization of activity jointly with the departments, divisions of the Institute for the realization of main priorities of scientific activity on grant programs;
  • Normative-legal and organizational-technical support of researches in priority areas of scientific activities on grant programs;
  • Methodical assistance in document layout on the State budget themes (grants) and contract researches to perform fundamental, search and applied studies;
  • Preparation of plan to carry out grant research projects for the year;
  • Recordkeeping and monitoring the timely implementation of grant research projects;
  • Continuous monitoring of process of carrying out the State fundamental, applied and innovative researches, scientific-technical programs, and making reports on its basis;
  • Administrative support of process of implementing research results of the faculty and scientific staff in industry;
  • Coordination publications of scientific papers, monographs, obtaining patents, copyright certificates by scientists of the Institute and support the results of research, monitoring of their publications and implementation;
  • Every kind of assistance to the faculty, researchers and young scientists of the Institute in publication of research results in the Institute, Republican and International publications, including journals with non-zero impact factor;
  • Organization of meetings of the Coordination Council of the Institute on carrying out grant research projects;
  • Participation in meetings of the Scientific Council of the Institute, considering issues of scientific activity of divisions of the Institute;
  • Ensuring the participation of researchers in local and international exhibitions, fairs, scientific conferences, forums, symposia, workshops, seminars in the framework of research projects;
  • Bringing the incoming information, orders, regulations, modemogramm and other ads on performing research activities on grant programs to all structural units of the Institute;
  • Preparation of analytical materials and reports on research activity of grants scientific projects for the Scientific Council of the Institute, as well as for the higher authorities;
  • Participation in the drafting of orders, regulations and resolutions relating to issues of research activities of the Institute in the framework of grant research programs.