1. List of documents The candidates must have the following documents: - Extract from the Academic Council Meeting of Higher Education Institutions; - Dean's office and chair's recommendation; - Copy of the score book (copy of the dean's office or the original of the university) must be approved by seal); - Test results from the first stage in subjects "History of Uzbekistan", "Informatics and information technologies" and "Cheet Language" registration; - list of scientific (creative) works; • Annotation of scientific (creative) works; - printed copies of scientific (creative) works; - Scientific: (creative) work and the opinion of the department; - Copy of passport. The following documents will be provided for the candidates of state scholarships of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan: - The score that your student has collected in the undergraduate and graduate entrance examinations; - biography; - 10x15 cm color photographs The saved documents are stored in a sequence of log files. The name, course and group of the curriculum (specialty), the name of the state grant, the name of the candidate, the field of education, the education institution (department), the university, . 2.2. Dean's office and chair's recommendation reflect the student's academic and creative activity, participation in public life. The recommendation is signed by the dean of the faculty and the head of the department and approved by the faculty. 2.3. Copying student's rating book. The candidate's copy should be copied and each page must be confirmed by the dean's signature and seal. 2.4. List of scientific (creative) works. The list of scientific (creative) works is given in accordance with Annex 5. 2.5. Annotation of scientific (artistic) works. 2.6. Printed copies of scientific (creative) works. 2.8. The scientific (creative) business leader and the opinion of the department.