In connection with the imminent start of “offline” classes of students, today, November 14, 2020, for the teachers of TashPMI, from the Innovation Center, headed by the director of the center – Ashirbaev Sh.P., engineer Ubaidullaev Z.A. and a team of employees, a training session was held on working with interactive electronic whiteboards.

This training included not only explanation of the theoretical part, but also a visual demonstration of the use of boards. During the training, all the subtleties and features of working with an electronic interactive whiteboard were explained, starting from turning on the system and beginning of work, to creating a new document and completing the session.

Teachers of the departments located in the main building of the institute were invited. In addition, during the training, the participants were handed out manuals for working with the board in two languages. The whole process was recorded in video format, text and video instructions were created that will be uploaded to the institute’s cloud storage (, which is very important for further use.