On June 15, 2021, the 2nd scientific and practical online conference with international participation “Prospects for the development of dermatovenerology in childhood” was held at the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute.

The main goal of the conference was: coordination of efforts of scientists and practitioners in the development of treatment and prophylactic programs and measures for pediatric dermatovenerology, discussion and exchange of experience among scientists and practitioners in various areas in these areas, implementation of programs to improve the service of pediatric dermatovenerology, reduce the incidence of skin diseases. and sexually transmitted diseases among children.

The conference was attended by more than 300 leading scientists and specialists (dermatovenerologists, pediatricians, allergists, infectious disease specialists), young scientists, undergraduates, clinical residents, doctoral students, researchers from all regions of Uzbekistan, as well as guests from Russia and Kyrgyzstan.

The conference was held online on the Zoom electronic platform and included master classes, lectures and reports by leading domestic and foreign specialists – dermatologists on topical problems of skin diseases in children.

At the conference, reports were made on the main organizational and practical achievements in the field of pediatric dermatovenerology, epidemiology and clinical features of the course of common dermatoses in childhood, infectious skin diseases of childhood, rare dermatoses of childhood, clinical manifestations of COVID-19 infection in children and exanthematous diseases , innovative approaches to modern diagnostics and treatment of hereditary dermatoses in children, treatment, prevention, medical and social rehabilitation of children with chronic skin diseases. Also, the conference participants got acquainted with modern scientific and practical achievements, exchanged experiences, discussed the introduction of new modern technologies in the treatment of sick children.

A collection was prepared based on the materials of the conference.

The conference was organized by the Department of Skin and Venereal, Pediatric Skin and Venereal Diseases and AIDS of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute and the Department of Dermatovenerology of the St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University with the support of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Association of Dermatovenereologists of Uzbekistan and the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Dermatovenerology and Cosmetology …

The last conference became a kind of discussion platform designed to provide an opportunity to exchange views and experience on topical issues of pediatric dermatovenerology.