On 2nd February 2022 TPMI Innovation Centre (IC) employees headed by director Ashirbaev Sh.P. and employees Vikhrov I.P., Kadyrova M.O., Sunnatov H.B., Sadatov U.U., Mamadullaev B.N., and deputy deans Dzhumaev O., Jamollidinov S., Tashmurodov F.N., Musurmonkulov J. held the meeting on the implementation of the 1 Million Uzbek Coders project.

During the meeting, the head of the TPMI IC, Ashirbayev Sh.P. gave an overview of the project and the quotas allocated as part of the implementation of the instructions of the MHSSE, which amounted to 800 students and young scientists of TPMI. A network document was also presented to record project participants and learning outcomes in the context of undergraduate and graduate faculties. At the meeting it was emphasized how important these online training courses are for the medical field, especially in the field of data analytics. During the meeting, it was noted in what terms the tasks of the dean’s office for the selection and registration of participants should be completed.

During the meeting, the participants received answers to their questions. The director of the TPMI IC Ashirbayev Sh.P. also noted that if a student or teacher experiences any difficulties in the learning process, the staff of the TPMI IC are ready to help in resolving the issues that have arisen.