From May 23 to 27, 2022, TPMI employees visited Romania to expand cooperation with the Romanian Western “University VASILE GOLDIŞ” in Arad ( The delegation included employees of the Innovation Center represented by its director Sh.P. Ashirbayev and I.P. Vikhrov, and an employee of the Department of Internal Diseases, Nephrology and Hemodialysis – Doctor D.K. Muminov.

On the first day of the working meeting, reports were heard from representatives of the host university, as well as other participants of the staff training from Egypt, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Turkey and Hungary, who presented their universities and achievements in teaching and research. The honor of presenting TPMI fell to MD, PhD Davron Muminov, after whose report a number of participants expressed their respect and desire to also begin to cooperate within the framework of scientific projects, including within the framework of technical assistance programs and Erasmus.

On May 24, 2022, a memorandum of understanding was signed between TPMI and Western University in Arad, where the main areas of cooperation were outlined. Moreover, universities from Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and Hungary have expressed interest in cooperation as well.

The Western University “Vasile Goldiş” in Arad itself is a private university and was founded more than 30 years ago as the first private medical university in the country, which has now developed into a full-fledged university with 6 faculties of medicine, engineering, juridical science, economics, computer science and engineering, pharmacy, dentistry and social science, humanities, physical education and sports. But the focus of the university is still medicine, where teaching is conducted in addition to the Romanian language, also in French and English.

The organizers of the meeting proposed and organized visits to clinics and hospitals of the Western University “Vasile Goldiş” in Arad, as well as presented laboratories and research projects in various areas. In particular, the delegation got acquainted with the work of the pediatric department, where they talked with the head and staff.

It was very interesting to meet with an online presentation by representatives of the National Office of Erasmus of Romania, who shared the available opportunities for projects in the field of higher education that the EU program can support.

A number of practical presentations in the field of internationalization were presented by Romanian diplomats, guests from Hungary and local teaching staff.

Also, the organizers of the visit did not forget about the cultural program, where historical sites were shown and visits to memorable places of the city of Arad were organized.

On the last day of the visit, on May 27, a delegation from Uzbekistan representing TPMI took part in the opening of the “XXXII Days of Science” of Western University “Vasile Goldiş” in Arad, where the delegation also had the honor to make welcoming remarks and, among other things, to take part with scientific reports. So MD., PhD Mr. Davron Muminov made a presentation on the topic “Early rehabilitation of patients who have undergone Covid-19”, and I.P. Vikhrov made a report on “The use of artificial intelligence technologies in healthcare”. The reports heard aroused great interest on the part of the participants, as well as a number of issues, after which working points on the organization of possible joint scientific research were also discussed.

Between meetings, presentations and scientific conferences, a number of meetings were also held with representatives of local authorities, television, journalists, students and faculty of Western University “Vasile Goldiş” in Arad. According to the leadership of the Arad University, in their recent history, which has more than 30 years, for the first-time representatives of Uzbekistan took part in a scientific conference, as well as in discussing possible future cooperation, exchange of students and teachers.

In general, the meeting was rich, useful and promising in terms of developing cooperation not only with EU universities, but also with universities from Egypt, Turkey, Jordan and Kazakhstan. The TPMI delegation expresses its sincere gratitude to the representatives of the International Department and the Erasmus office of Western University “Vasile Goldiş” in Arad for organizing a fruitful meeting within the walls of this university and for the showed hospitality.

Sherzod Ashirbaev,
Director of the TPMI Innovation Center