1980 Central Asian Medical Institute at the Department of Pediatric Surgery № 2 was organized course of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. Head. rate was appointed MD Associate Agzamhodzhaev TS Since 1996, the course became the chair. From the Department of Education to present the head of the department is Professor MD Agzamhodzhaev TS Under the leadership of T.S.Agzamhodzhaeva reserved 2 doctoral and 12 master’s theses. Throughout the research and teaching T.S.Agzamhodzhaeva published more than 52 scientific articles, abstracts – 237, rac. pre-20, -1 invention, guidelines-24-3 Tutorial List of employees working in the department g.bolnitsah № 14, № 10 1.Dotsent, MD Talat Saidolimovich Agzamhodzhaev course mudiri 2.k.m.n., assistant Toir Tuhtaevich Sharipov 3.k.m.n., assistant Anwar Valievich Alimov 4.k.m.n., assistant Mahmoud Muslimovich Aliyev 5.k.m.n., Assistant Damir Ashimovna Eshimbetova Employees of the Department 1972-2012 Ulama AV MD, PhD Aliyev MM MD, PhD Sotvoldieva EA MD, PhD Nurmukhamedov HA, MD, PhD, Eat MF MD, PhD, Malyutina L.V.k.m.n., Assistant Hons MM MD, PhD, Gorbunov A.E.k.m.n., Assistant Iskandarov N.F.assistent Vedeneeva NP assistant Azizov LE assistant Nazhmitdinov BL assistant Holmetov Sh assistant The department successfully combine academic work with instructional work. The merits of the many members of the department not once noticed by the MOH and Ministry of Higher Education Institute. Department staff are actively involved in the development of guidelines, manuals and textbooks in anesthesiology and critical care medicine. Through the efforts of members of the department issued more than 24 policy recommendations, 3 textbooks and manuals