I. Organized work. – The plan of spiritual and enlighten work is made and execution of these work is based on this plan. – providing execution of the tasks giving in Decrees of President of Republic and Ministers in Spiritual and enlighten branch in the department. – took part in “School of freshman” competitions. II. Supplying the stability of spiritual works in preparing spiritual and comprehensively develop specialists. 1. Upbringing of patriotism. There was a conversation on themes: “Love to motherland begins from learning the land”, “We remember our ancestors”, “Uzbekistan is prospering land”. “ Why we love Uzbekistan”, “On the way of creating”. Students were introduced to historical sight seeing. There were organized excursions and trips. 2. Spiritual upbringing. There were carried out training among Students on theme what king of spiritual qualities must students have? III. Economical upbringing. – Information hour giving a conception about economical reforms carrying out in Uzbekistan, conditions for developing small and private business. IV. Spiritual – enlighten work in increasing general and in group. For increasing general culture in a group was held a discussion on themes: Pedagogic culture is a guarantee of healthy environment in group, “ Spiritual qualities of leader, teachers and students” and measures for preventing transgression between teachers and students are organized. V. Strengthening cooperation with educational organizations, parents, Makhalla State and social organizations in forming person devoted to principles of independent Uzbekistan the person who is able to have contributed heavily to the development of society. Holiday arrangement devoted to 25st anniversary of independence of Uzbekistan was organized in a high level. Also arrangement devoted to the day of teacher was held. There was a talk on theme “Constitution is a guarantee of our prosperity” for realization of popularization measures in increasing legal consciousness and literacy of students. There was held a conversation for Day of Defenders of Motherland. To organize leisure time of youth effectively, spiritual work with students, living in student hostel and in a rent.