Spiritual and educational work was organized according to the plan of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute. 1. Organizational work. 2. The plan for the development of educational work and the basis of the department’s plan ensure its full implementation. 3. The department ensures the full implementation of the tasks set in the decrees, resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, resolutions, orders and regimes of the Cabinet of Ministers in the cultural and educational sphere. 4. The Department of Foreign Languages took an active part in the work of the First-Year School enterprise. II. Ensuring the priority of educational work in the preparation of spiritually competent specialists, patriotic education “Patriotism begins with studying the history of the country” (to historical places), “The memory of our ancestors in our memory” (to holy places), “Uzbekistan is a paradise country”, “We “Why we love Uzbekistan”, “On the way to construction” (buildings built during the years of independence) and an excursion will be organized. Moral education Students are given psychological training on the topic “What kind of morals should a student have.” Economic education Students gain an understanding of the nature of economic reforms in Uzbekistan and their progress, the conditions created for the development of small business and private entrepreneurship in TTAS. III. Spiritual and educational work aimed at improving general and pedagogical culture in society. In order to improve the general culture in the team, conversations are held on the topics “Pedagogical culture is the key to a healthy environment in the team”, “Values-based youth”, “Ethical qualities of management, teachers and students” and offenses between professors, teachers and students. Measures are being taken to prevent such incidents. VII. Promotion of national values and traditions, the rich cultural heritage of our ancestors, celebration of national holidays, historical dates, birthdays of great ancestors. The celebration of the 32nd anniversary of state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan was organized at a high level. On October 1, a festive event was held on the theme “We value teachers,” dedicated to Teacher and Coach Day. The round table “The Constitution is our commune of happiness” was organized with the aim of conducting propaganda activities aimed at increasing legal literacy and literacy of students. The department also organized a “Constitution Corner” dedicated to the 31st anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan. January 14 – a round discussion dedicated to the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland will be organized. IX. Meaningful organization of youth leisure, spiritual and educational work with students living in student dormitories and rentals.