Department of forensic medicine of Central Asian medical Pediatric Institute was created in 1972, since the opening of the Institute
         From 1972 to 1985, the year the Department was PhD Assistant Professor Anwar Rakhimovich Rakhimov.
Anwar Rakhimovich Rakhimov was born in 1923. In 1944 he graduated from TashMI and was called up to the front. From 1946 to 1972 he worked in TashMI first year graduate student, then as an Assistant and then associate professor and head of the Department. In 1966, has protected the candidate dissertation on a subject “Car damage and methods of identifying them” .Hi was the same monograph theme. He is the author of more than 40 scientific papers. Under his leadership, had been protected by two master’s work. 

 From 1986 to 1993 year, head of the Department was PhD, Associate Professor Vladimir Fyodorovich Smirnov.

Vladimir Fyodorovich Smirnov in 1960 graduated from the medical faculty of TashMI. From 1960 to 1964 year worked as a forensic expert in Yangiabad. From 1964 to 1970 he worked in UzEKM as a junior researcher and has protected the candidate dissertation on a subject “Experimental-morphological study of liver, with toxic trihofesmik soda.” In 1971-1972, worked as a forensic expert in the national Office of the JMO, and at the same time as an Assistant at the Department of forensic medicine of TashMI. Since 1972, began working in the Forensic Medicine Department SAMPI as an Assistant. Since 1973, became an Assistant Professor of the same Department. Smirnov V. was the author of 19 scientific articles and is the author of monographs. 

Since 1993, the head of the Department of forensic medicine and medical law, Professor A.I. Iskandarov.

Iskandarov Alisher Iskandarovich graduated from Central Asian Medical Pediatric Institute in 1973. In 1983, he defended his dissertation on the topic “Toxicology of complex compounds of zinc”, in 1992, he defended his doctoral thesis on “Tanat genesis and forensic toxic metric in acute poisoning of FEI”. Professor A.I. Iskandarov is simultaneously Pro-Rector on educational part of TashPMI. Is the author of 4 books and 2-monographs. Since 2001, the Chairman of the monothematic Commission on forensic science. Under his leadership, with over 10 candidate and 1 doctoral theses. Under his leadership are protected more than 20 magistar’s theses. At the moment, is a scientific consultant for doctoral students and job seekers.  

Since 2003, the Department was renamed the “Department of forensic medicine and medical law.

The Department of Pathologic Anatomy and cell biopsy TashPMI stood out in 1972 by the TashMI and the first head of the Chair in 1972 to 1995 was Alimov Vali Alimovich.

 Then with the 1995 to 2002. the department was Fazilov Kamil Faziloviсh; 

From 2002 to 2004 Tursunov Abdulaziz Muhammednazirovich;
2004-2006. Hakberdiev Mardon Muhammedovich held the post of department of; 
From September to December 2006, the Chair was headed by Ahrarov Habibullo Khamidullaevich; 
From 2006 to 2007. the Department was Zokirov Yorkin Uzievich; 
From 2008 to 2010. Rasulov Hamidollo Abdullayevich

             In 2011, the Department of “Forensic medicine and medical law” have teamed up with the Chair of “pathological anatomy, cell biopsy” 

             The Department has become known as “Forensic medicine and medical law, pathological anatomy with sectional biopsy course”

            Head of the Department is m.d., Prof. Iskandarov Alisher Iskandarovich.

Currently on Faculty: Associate H. H. Yakubov, Assistant, Ph.d. Assistant L.V. Piriyeva, Abdukarimov B.A., Ph.d. Assistant Kuziev O.J. Assistant Burankulova N.M., Assistant Kodirov K.U.

          On the course of pathological anatomy and biopsy are: Assistant Professors Nuritov N.R., Tursunov A.M, Karatayeva L.A., Assistant Ruziev. I.B., BabojanovaSh.U. and Inagamov A.