Department of Psychiatry, addiction, child psychiatry, clinical psychology and psychotherapy of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute was founded on August 20, 1972. Its first head was professor Ismailov T.I. (1972-2006). In 1989 was organized the Department of medical psychology and psychotherapy. Heads of Department was docent Khasanov F.N. (1989-1994), docent Iskhakov V.P. (1994-2004). In 2004 the course of medical psychology and psychotherapy was attached to the Department of psychiatry, addiction and child psychiatry in 2006 to the Department of Public health and Health organization. Since 2008 the subject of «medical psychology and psychotherapy» taught in the Department of psychiatry, addiction, child psychiatry, clinical psychology and psychotherapy.

From 2006 to present head of the Department is Doctor of Sciences Abdullaeva V.K.

Currently, the members of the Department are: Professor Khodjaeva N.I., senior lecturer, chief child psychiatrist of the the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan Suleimanov Sh.R., docent Sharipova F.K., docent Akhmedov S.A., assistants: Babarahimova S.B., Iskandarova J.M., Nurkhodjaev S.N., Saydalihodjaeva D.G., Shaikramov Sh.Sh., Nosirov A.A., Tuychiyev Sh.T., Irmuhamedov T.B., Matveeva A.A., Rogov A.V.

The Department trained the students of the 5th course of I-II pediatric faculties, 5-6 courses of medical-pedagogical and medical faculties on the subject «Psychiatry, addiction and child psychiatry», students of the 5th course of medical-pedagogical and medical faculties, 6th course of I-II pediatric faculties on the subject of «medical psychology and psychotherapy».

The Department is preparing masters in the specialty «psychiatry» and «medical psychology», clinical residents on specialities «psychiatry», «addiction» and «medical psychology».

Research is carried out on the enlarged theme of the Department «Clinical-pathological and pathopsychological characteristics, optimization of methods for early diagnosis and treatment, prevention of mental diseases and addictions in the age aspect».

Members of the Department, as well as masters, clinical residents, applicants participate in an innovative collaboration with the following organizations: City clinical psychiatric hospital, City children’s psycho-neurological center, City clinic of addiction, City city psychoneurological clinic, the Republican clinical psychiatric hospital, Republican centre of addiction.

Members of the Department are actively involved in the development of training manuals and textbooks, educational and methodical recommendations on psychiatry, addiction, medical psychology. To date, they have released 2 textbooks, manuals, 1 monograph, 35 educational recommendations, 225 theses, 175 articles in international and national journals, a computer program for the multifactorial assessment of pathological attraction to drugs and determine the dynamics of the disease in the treatment process and implemented in practical health care. Also, the Department staff, applicants, masters, clinical residents take an active part in International and Republican conferences, congresses and symposiums.