Study on chair is carried out according to the confirmed typical and working programs, and also under the individual working and annual plan .Training on chair there pass students of 5th course of pediatric and mediko-pedagogical faculties, students 6 courses of mediko-pedagogical faculty, students 2 & 3 courses of faculty “higher nurse business” in a subject “Psychiatry, narcology and children’s psychiatry”, students 5 courses of mediko-pedagogical faculty in a subject medical psychology, students 6 courses of pediatric faculty and students 1 & 3 courses of faculty “higher nurse business” in a subject “Medical psychology and psychotherapy”.


Training of masters on chair on a speciality “psychiatry” has begun since 2005, on a speciality “medical psychology” in 2010.Heads of a magistracy: 2005-2007гг. Professor Ismailov T.I., 2008-2009 professor Hodzhaeva N.D., 2008-2010 professor Shamsiev E.S., since 2011 Abdullaev V. K’s senior lecturer. During training students of a magistracy study questions of diagnostics, treatment and preventive maintenance of diseases of mental activity, including rare mental diseases, complications somatic, infectious, traumatic, endocrine and other diseases. During training students of a magistracy spend research work. Master skills of carrying out of a practical training with students. Actively participate in medical-diagnostic process and development of practical skills.

Training passes according to the confirmed curriculum. The great attention is taken away to theoretical questions. The estimation of knowledge is spent on rating system.

Now on chair are trained on a speciality “Psychiatry” on 1 course – 10 students, on 2nd course – 4 students, on 3 course – 3 students, on a speciality «Medical psychology» on 1 course – 2 students, on 2nd course – 2 students, on 3 course – 1 student of a magistracy.