Scientific theme of chair: «Clinic-pathogenetic and pathopsychological features, optimisation of methods of early diagnostics and treatment, preventive maintenance of mental and narcological diseases in age aspect» .

In the given direction following competitors conduct Scientific research institute of republic.

  1. Abdullaeva V. K. 03.03.2017 y. Has successfully protected the thesis for a doctor’s degree on a theme “clinic-pathogenetic aspects and optimisation of therapeutic tactics at a heroin narcotism” (clinic-experimental research).
  2. Nurhodzhaev S.N. «Clinical aspects of formation терапевтически resistant depressions at frustration of the person and therapy optimisation» on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of philosophy (PhD).
  3. Rogov A.V. «Clinic-psychopathological aspects and dynamics cognitive infringements at patients with paranoid a schizophrenia with accompanying virus hepatitises» on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of philosophy (PhD) 

 Information about the scientific school of the head of the department of psychiatry, narcology and child psychiatry, medical psychology and psychotherapy Abdullaeva V.K.

V.K. Abdullaeva

          V.K. Abdullaeva manage scientific and pedagogical activity since 2001. Under her leadership, magisters, clinical residents and gifted students are annually attracted to research activities, with whom scientific articles and abstracts are published in foreign and national journals and conference proceedings. At the Department of Psychiatry V.K. Abdullaeva is chairman and head of the student scientific circle “Young Psychiatrist”.  Under the guidance of V.K. Abdullayeva defended more than 20 themes of master’s theses. As a result of scientific research, V.K. Abdullayeva published a large number of scientific articles, made scientific reports and speeches at various conferences and seminars, in particular, at the conferences “Young Scientist”, held in TashPMI, magistracy students repeatedly took prizes (Gurov AV, Rogov A.V. , Irmukhamedov T.B., Yen Y.A. and others). On the 15th of April, 2016, the International Contest of the Best Programs on Primary Prevention of Substance Abuse in Moscow, “I INTERNATIONAL CONTEST of programs in the field of prevention, rehabilition and resocialization in the field of mental health” CONSCIOUS CHOICE “under the guidance of V.K. Abdullaeva Tuychiev Sh.T. in the nomination received a diploma of the II degree and was awarded a valuable gift.

In the process of scientific and pedagogical activity, V.K. Abdullayeva criticized a large number of dissertations, monographs, textbooks, methodical manuals, articles, teaching aids.  In 2016 was a review of the doctoral dissertation of the head of the department of psychiatry and narcology TMA Ashurov Zarif Sharipovich. In 2017, V.K. Abdullaeva as the leading organization reviewed the dissertation work of Ph.D. (Phil.) B. R. Chembaeva on “Clinical-dynamic and socio-psychological features of schizophrenic patients who committed socially dangerous actions.”

In 2017 V.K. Abdullaeva reviewed the manual of the staff of the Department of Psychiatry, Narcology and Psychotherapy of the Russian Peoples’ Friendship University (Russia, Moscow) Assoc. AS Berezkin, MD T.N. Dudko, Professor I.A. Zrazhevskaya on the topic: “Rehabilitation of addicts from psychoactive substances”


S.N. Nurkhodzhaev

          S.N. Nurkhodzhaev enrolled in 2017 in the basic doctorate of TashPMI for the department of psychiatry, narcology, child psychiatry, medical psychology in psychotherapy (PhD). Specialty: 14.00.18 – psychiatry and narcology. Thesis: Clinical aspects of the formation of therapeutically resistant depressions in personality disorders and the optimization of therapy. Scientific adviser6 Abdullaeva V.K. (Based on the TashPMI order).

A.V. Rogov

          A.V. Rogov entered in 2018 as a Ph.D. candidate in the basic doctoral studies of TashPMI for the department of psychiatry, narcology, child psychiatry, medical psychology in psychotherapy (PhD). Specialty: 14.00.18 – psychiatry and narcology. Thesis: Clinical and psychopathological aspects and dynamics of cognitive impairment in patients with paranoid schizophrenia with concomitant viral hepatitis. Scientific adviser Abdullaeva V.K. (Based on the TashPMI order).

 Student’s scientific organisation

From the moment of the organisation on chair the student’s scientific circle «The young the psychiatrist» functions. At its sessions actual theoretical and practical questions of psychiatry and narcology are discussed. On the basis of City Clinical Psychiatric Hospital Student’s scientific conferences on themes have been spent: “Etiopatogenez of a schizophrenia”, “Shock methods of treatment”, “Somato-ekzogennye psychoses” and “Mental infringements at AIDS” where with reports and lectures-presentations participants of a student’s scientific circle «The young psychiatrist» have acted.

The published works in 2017 Articles

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National Development Program “Science 2020”

The Ministry of Higher and Specialized Secondary Education jointly with Elsevier (the Netherlands) developed the national development program “Science-2020”. The main aim of this program is to improve the quality of research activities of the teaching staff of higher educational institutions of our country, as well as further expansion of the possibilities of registration in the databases of world educational resources, electronic catalogs of modern scientific literature. Within the framework of the national development program, it is planned to assist in the preparation of articles by young scientists and doctoral students, as well as support in the publication of their scientific papers in high-ranking journals.

In order to implement the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of June 5, 2018, PD-3775 “On additional measures to improve the quality of education in higher education institutions and ensure their active participation in large-scale reforms of the country”, seminars and trainings were held by the Information and Resource Center and the Department on the preparation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff for registration in international scientific databases Scopus and Science Direct for 10 employees of the department, including professors, teachers, applicants for basic doctoral students urs (PhD) and doctoral studies (DSc), as well as independent applicants of the Department of Psychiatry, Narcology, Child Psychiatry, Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy. All 10 employees of the department were registered on the international base Scopus and Science Direct.

All 10 employees download literature data, articles and information on their specialty from the international database copus and Science Direct. Based on the data received, a database of the information and resource center is being formed. Currently, the number of downloadable data is 263 for october. The downloaded data are used to cover the literary part of master’s theses, for dissertations of applicants for basic doctoral and doctoral studies, as well as independent applicants for the department, for writing new publications.

The following materials were downloaded:

  • Suicidology, psychopathological features.
  • New methods of diagnosis early diagnosis of patients with psychological disorders.
  • Psychopathological features of the development of depression in patients with cancer.
  • Autism in children. Difficulties of education, conflicts between parents.
  • Comparisons of addiction in different sexes.
  • Gender peculiarities in patients with schizophrenia.
  • Autoimmune disorders and postpartum psychoses.
  • Clinical benefit of pharmacogenetic treatment of depression and anxiety.

 List of registered employees of the department