Educational activity.

    At the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute classes with students of 5-6 courses of pediatric faculty and students of the Faculty of Graduate 2-3nd year nursing, with residents Magistrates “Children’s Infectious Diseases ” and clinical residents . The main base of the chair is a infectious hospital №5 (This clinic is equipped with 160 places and is located at Tashkent district, street Arpapoya number 12). Additional base shall be considered infectious hostital №1 (This clinic is equipped with 170 places and is located at district Olmazar) , clinic Research Institute of Epidemiology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (This clinic is equipped with 300 places and is located at street Reshetova number 22) , the Research Institute of Virology (This clinic is equipped with 200 places and it is located Yunusobod district, street Muradova number 7) , pediatric infectious hospital №4 ( Shayhontohur district, street Zuhur Kobulov ) , 36 family clinic ( Tashkent district, street Arpapoya number 13) , clinic TashPMI Republican Centre of Hepatology ( Yunusobod district, street Muradova number 7).


   Also with the students during the course of 6 semesters 11-12 themed practical outreach sessions at the clinic of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Tashkent Medical Academy and the Republican Children’s polio clinic.


 During the school year to test students’ knowledge of the course were drawn 3000 tests next-generation Russian and Uzbek languages ​​and put into a test center where students take further  according to tests . To pass the course students 6 course were composed of 150 questions for the written exam and 50 case studies ( 50 tickets ) . For the 6th year students in accordance with the new requirements were organized and delivered 10 OSKE stations; students to sit for 6 courses were separately composed of 270 multiple-choice questions on the Russian and Uzbek languages. For state certification were updated and put 270 test questions in Uzbek and Russian languages​, 27 OSKE jobs. At the same time , for students 5-6 courses were updated and verified scorecards clinical thinking students and handouts . At the department for students of 5-6 courses were composed 6 in Russian and Uzbek 6 lectures and texts are written and electronic versions of multimedia.


 Together with these were complemented and extended interactive teaching methods and multimedia materials in Russian, Uzbek and English languages.