At the beginning of 2022-2023 school year at a meeting of the department head of the department made ​​Associate Professor Tadjiev B.M. and appointed responsible for the spiritual and educational activities at the department for academic year 2022-2023 assistant Khalikova Sh.A.

   Khalikova Shoxista Abduraxmonbekovna

Were drawn up an action plan and a timetable for events in “Spirituality and enlightenment” at every faculty meeting these activities must be conducted in a timely manner and their conduct must be recorded in the minutes .

Teaching staff with students weekly classes on ” Polit.informatsii .” On these sessions discussed the latest news of our republic , speeches and reports of the President of Uzbekistan Mirziyoyev Sh.M. and the situation in the world, discusses the latest medical news and spiritual activities in our country. In the direction of the spiritual and educational activities at the department , there are a variety of stands: a state symbols of the Republic of Uzbekistan flag, emblem and anthem . There are also portraits of the great medical scientists and Timurids , there is literature, works such as our President : “Uzbekistan on the Threshold of the 21st century”, ” High -spirituality invincible force” and many other variety of booklets and brochures.
Widely held at the Department of events over the holidays, legal occupations , spiritual and moral conversations , military and sporting events.
    5-6th year students were interviewed on “32- anniversary of Uzbekistan’s independence”. Increasing youth spirituality , forming in her mind the noble ideas of education for a commitment to national traditions and values ​​are one of the important areas under the leadership of President Islam Karimov’s policy of education of harmoniously developed generation . In this process plays an important role protecting youth from various negative ideological influence. During the conversation, identified practical measures to further expand the scale carried out in this direction , the effectiveness of education and outreach, the revitalization and strengthening of cooperation of the family, educational institutions and public organizations.

     In order to educate young people in accordance with international standards , the health of mothers and children in the areas of capital and built dozens of educational institutions with modern medical diagnostic equipment , screening and perinatal centers, schools of music and art .
    During the years of independence the country has built more than 1,200 sports facilities, more than a thousand of them – in the countryside. It allows children to regularly engage in various sports . In the years of independence at the initiative of President focuses on the development of national spirituality , subject revival stories people, their traditions and customs, national values.