Department of Infectious Diseases was organized in 1920 at the Medical Faculty of the Tashkent State University.

    Its founder and first head was prof. NN Klodnitssky, large epidemiologist and infectious diseases, known for his work on plague. The following years the department led by the following professors:

1924-1926 gg. – A.G.Alekseev
1927-1929 gg. – N.I.Ragoza
1929-1930 gg. – BN Stradamsky
1931-1939 gg. – N.I.Ragoza
1940-1951 gg. – A.L.Katsenovich
1952-1955 gg. – T.H.Nazhmiddinov
1955-1962 gg. – A.L.Katsenovich
1962-1988 gg. – V.M.Madzhidov
1988-1993 gg. – I.I.Shapunova
1993-1996 gg. – M.B.Sharapov
1996-1997 gg. – A.H.Zakirhodzhaev
In 1997-1998. – S.N.Bobohodzhaev
    Since 1999, Head of the Department Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor I.A.Kasymov.

    Currently, employees of the department are: MD, DSc M.S.Shadzhalilova, MD, PhD Sh.Sh.Shamansurova, MD, PhD Z.T. Xalilova, E.M.Osipova, B.I.Buribaeva, DM . Atamuhamedova, Sh Rakhmatullaeva, G.M.Sharapova, S.I.Ulmasova, MD Ariphodjaeva GZ, D.B.Fayzullaeva, D.L.Mahmudov, D.R.Atahodzhaeva, U.U.Abdullaeva, A.H.Hayrullina

    The department has students 3 and 4 courses of the 1st and 2nd of pediatric faculty, 4 and 5 courses Pedagogical health and medical faculty, 3 courses medical biology faculity. Students 1,2 year the department of higher nurses are trained on the subject of “infectious nazorat”.

    Employees of the department are constantly working to improve their skills, participate in training, teachers are highly qualified, freely conduct classes in Uzbek and Russian languages.

    Commonwealth with the department contributes to hospital doctors awareness of the current state of pressing questions of infectious pathology. Many doctors together with the employees of the department are involved in research on topical problems of viral hepatitis and acute intestinal infections.

    The department prepared 7 doctors of medical sciences: A.L.Katsenovich, G.N.Teytelbaum, H.A.Yunusova, A.A.Alekseev, V.M.Madzhidov, A.H.Zakirhodzhaev, M.B.Sharapov, 37 candidates of medical sciences, including 18 associate professors.

         The faculty  studied 4 and 5 courses 1-st  and 2-d by pediatrical faculty, 5-6 course   treatment courses. Students by 1- course nurses is teaching  by “ Infection control”.