The curriculum on the subject of dermatovenerology, pediatric dermatovenerology and AIDS has been prepared and approved according to the Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan to improve the quality of training for 4th year bachelors from all faculties (I, II-pediatric, Medical-pedagogical and medical faculties) and 3rd year I, II -Pediatric faculties.

12 video lectures (in Uzbek and Russian) were prepared on the subject “Skin and sexually transmitted diseases”, as well as 30 test items on the topic of each lecture, a total of 210 tests were prepared. On the topics of 17 practical classes, 80 test tasks, 10 situational tasks and 20 control questions for each topic were prepared, a total of 3040 tests (in Russian and Uzbek).

For the 2020-2021 academic year, the Educational-methodical complex and the work program in the Uzbek and Russian languages were compiled and approved.

In 2020, 4 training manuals were prepared.