From 1991 to the present, the department’s employees have been working on the scientific direction “Epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical course, development of new methods of treatment and prevention of chronic and congenital skin diseases in children in the Republic of Uzbekistan” (state number 01.91.0050235, code 0018) under the supervision of the head of Department, Professor A.M. Mannanov.

3 Dissertations were defended during last 3 years: Bobojonov O.A. (PhD – 2018), Vaisov I.A. (DSc – 2018), Bobojonov O.A. (DSc – 2019)

Currently, the department is conducting the following studies:

1. Clinical and immunological characteristics of limited scleroderma in children, optimization of treatment methods “assistant Mun A.V.

2. “Peculiarities of the course of HIV-associated dermatoses in children” by the assistant Nabieva D.D.

3. “Vitiligo in children: a psychosomatic characteristic and the development of phased treatment” by assistant Akhrarov Kh.Kh.

4. “Differentiated approach to therapy and prevention of papillomavirus infection in children” by assistant Adilgereeva M.I.

Scientific direction: chronic and congenital dermal diseases among children in the conditions of Uzbekistan. Scientific field: «Epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical progress, implementation of new methods of treatment and prophylactics of chronic and congenital dermal diseases of children in the conditions of Uzbekistan» Scientific cooperation: collaborates of the department closely cooperate with SRI of Dermatology and venereology and SRI of pediatrics, department of skin and venereal diseases of Saint-Petersburg State Medical University Student Scientific Society

Employees of the department regularly undergo internships and participate in congresses and conferences both in Uzbekistan and abroad.

The staff also conducts clinical studies with students on actual issues of pediatric dermatology in Uzbekistan and their results are published and reported annually in the program of the student scientific society.

Scientific conferences: September 7-8, 2019, the international conference of dermatology and aesthetic medicine was held. At 8 sections on topical issues of pediatric dermatology, 8 reports were reported, received certificates and published 20 theses.

International conferences: in 2019, the staff of the department participated in the World Congress of Dermatovenerology in Milan (Italy). In 2020 stuff took part at online conferences and master classes dedicated to Dermoscopy