At the department teaching the following subjects:
Normal physiology to 2nd  course «I, II Pediatric” faculties, “Medical Teacher” and the faculty, “Medicine”
Normal physiology for students of the 1st course of the faculty “Advanced nursing”
Associate Professor Askaryants V.P. and the senior teacher of the Department of Normal Physiology Babadjanova FA passed the FPK on the basis of TMA from 1.11-to 29.12.17.
At the present time, the Assistant of the Chair of Pasilov S.B. at the FPK on the basis of TMA from 2.01 to 28.02.2018.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the Department of Physiology will be attended by students of Pediatrics, Medico-Pedagogical and Medical Faculty with the aim of continuing the course of normal physiology in the third semester. In addition, students will come to the Higher Medical Nursing School for 1 semester.
In connection with the open new Faculty of Medical-Biology, students of this faculty will study the rate of norm physiology in the 2nd and 3rd semester.
30.08.18 at the meeting of the department the division of duties of the staff of the department was conducted.
Assoc. Ahrorov H.X. for the educational process, material responsible;
Assoc. Askaryants V.P. – responsible for science;
Senior teacher Babadzhanova F.A. – senior curator;
Ass. Kamalova Z.M. – responsible for the Web site of the department and for Scopus;
Ass. Pazilova S.P. – the trade union department and business the manufacturer;
Ass. Mustakimova F.A. – responsible for SSS and innovations;
Ass. Akbarova M.S. – responsible for spiritual and moral