The main scientific direction of the department: “Physiology of the growing organism.” Problems developed by staff of the department:
1. “The influence of exogenous and endogenous factors on the individual characteristics of students”
2. “The effect of different enzymes on the gastrointestinal tract”
On these topics, published 12 articles, 24 abstracts.
All the above areas defended 3 PhD theses.
Since 2012 Assistant Professor Fazildzhanova Adiba Sabirovna takes part in the Republican Grant on “Influence Peritol and succinic acid on energy metabolism in patients with diabetes mellitus 2nd type”
At present the experimental phase of the grant

Student Scientific Society
At the department working with gifted students. It includes experiments, publishing articles and terms in the medical journals of the Republic and abroad, participation in intercollegiate Olympic Games, as well as participation in scientific conferences.

List of publications for 2015

1. Changes of energy metabolism in healthy individuals during emotional stress.

A monthly scientific magazine is the “Young scientist”

№4 (84), Kazan c., February of 2015 y., Pp.114-116

The authors:Chernysh P. P., Fazyljanova A. S., Farhadova H. F.

2. Effect of phenazepam on the topography and the activity of enteric enzymes in growing rats under conditions of immobilization stress.

Collection of labours of ХVI of the All-russian scientific conference of students and young scientists with international participation young “People and medical science in a ХХI century”, Kirov, April, 15-17 2015, Pp.246-247

The authors:Kurbanova M. B., Askarans V. P.

3.Change of topography and activity of enthrall enzymes for rats from mixed, aggressive and non-aggressive groups in the conditions of the immobilized stress.

The scientific journal “Problems of biology and medicine» No. 1(82), Samarqand, February 2015, Рр.135-137

The authors:Askarans V. P., Abdumajidov A., Mustakimov F. A.,Nigmanov B. B

4.Study the factor model of somatic type and physiological status of young individuals to optimize their training.

Scientific-reference, cultural-educational magazine “a New day of medicine”, №1(9), Tashkent, January-March 2015, Pp. 14-17

The authors:F. A. Babadjanova, Pazilova S. B., Nazarov S. K,

5.Feeding the students of the second course of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute.

Scientific-practical medical journal “Infection, immunity, pharmacology” No. 2, Tashkent, 2015, Pp. 135-138.

The authors:F. A. Babadjanova, Pazilova S. B., Nazarova S. K.

6.The change in the response of metabolism to psychological stress in individuals of young age as a possible predictor of development of diabetes of the 2nd type

Medical journal of Uzbekistan, №5 in Toshkent, 2015, pp. 48-50

The authors:Chernysh P. P., Fazyljanova A. S., Askarans V. P., Abdumajidov A.


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