As the name of our division, we can make the correct conclusion that the main activity of our division is innovation. Therefore the responsibility of the center include the introduction of new features designed to create comfort in the development activities of the faculty. History of the very rich. Our principle is the reliability and practicality of the solution to the problem. By popular activities include the development and implementation of projects for the development of informatization of the faculty of Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute.

TitleLinkLaunch date
InnoMedUz – telegram, 2020
TashPMI video-conference communication portalconf.tashpmi.uzMarch, 2020
TPMI teachers portfolio portfolio.tashpmi.uzMarch, 2020
TPMI official web-site (new version)tashpmi.uzJanuary, 2020
TPMI Data Listdl.tashpmi.uzDecember, 2018
TPMI ICT distribution systemtaqsimot.tashpmi.uzMarch, 2018
TPMI portal of interactive services my.tashpmi.uzJanuary, 2016
TPMI electronic Journal virtu.tashpmi.uzJune, 2015
TPMI official web-site (old version)old.tashpmi.uzNovember, 2013
TPMI information portalinfoportal.tpmiOctober, 2010

Web platforms implemented by the Innovation Center:

1. InnoMedUz – telegram channel

Channel is dedicated to news in the field of high technologies and Innovations in Medicine, education and Healthcare. The channel contains materials about – Global news on new technologies in ICT and Medicine, on Innovation in Higher Medical Education and other areas, news about projects, competitions, grants and events in the field of ICT and Medicine of International Organizations in Uzbekistan, news about the activities of the Innovation Center of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute. Besides that we will also present a number of expert conclusions and results in the above areas, which will allow professionals to make the right decision and choose their own strategic development path for the development and implementation of innovative projects in their activities.

2. TashPMI video-conference system portal

TPMI video conference system portal – is unique tool for organizing an international and republican conferences, meetings. This portal was created on the basis of Trueconference technologies. The conference can be accessed by downloading the application or directly through the web browser.

3. TPMI teachers portfolio

This platform contains information on the scientific and educational activities of professors and teachers of the institute.

4. TPMI official web-site (new version)

The official web-site of TPMI meets all requirements of modern standards of web development and information needs, including the search function on the site, dynamism, the possibility of feedback (sending messages), and a convenient interface. The site developed in three languages: English, Russian and Uzbek. On this site you can find all information related to the institute, links to other web platforms operating in TPMI, and to the pages of government organizations.

5. TPMI Data List

TPMI Data List web platform is a new system created to facilitate some procedures in the creation and exchange of information, such as a schedule, a list of students.

6. TPMI ICT distribution system

The ICT distribution system is a web platform designed to quickly and conveniently exchange electronic documents online, which saves time and exchange documents from a distance. It also allows you to send documents (applications) with requests for the purchase of computer and computer equipment.

7. TPMI portal of interactive services

This portal was created to provide interactive services by our institute and is a model for the implementation of the E-Government project, which is developing in our country. TPMI interactive portal is developed and operates in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “About E-government”.

8. TPMI electronic Journal

TPMI electronic journal is a web platform created within the framework of the E-Government program and facilitating the work of the educational system, allowing teachers to grade, note the absence of students, and set some restrictions (deadlines for grading, identification of teachers) to ensure the correct work of the educational system without violations.

9. TPMI official web-site (old version)

Old version of the web-site

10. TPMI information portal

TPMI Information Portal is a complete universal web platform that serves all TPMI employees to receive information, download various types of files from the system (database), upload information to the system, as well as to provide feedback to the administrator and communicate in chat rooms and forums. The portal operates within the TPMI network.