Applied projects for the period of 2018-2020 years

Applied project PZ-20170926240

“Development of complex clinical and radiation diagnostics of various forms of acute appendicitis and its complications in children”

Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Associate Professor G.A. Yusupalieva

Applied project PZ-2017083014

“Improvement of methods of treatment and rehabilitation of children with anal incontinence”

Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor M.M. Aliyev

Applied project PZ-2017090420

“Perfection of early diagnosis and method of surgical intervention of congenital hydronephrosis in children”

Project head: Dr.Med.Sc, Associate Professor Nasirov A.A.

Applied project PZ-20170928688

“Development of screening methods for diagnosis and prevention of arterial hypertension in children and adolescents”

Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor Agzamova Sh.A.

Applied project PZ-20170929591

“Development of screening methods for the diagnosis of arterial hypertension in the preclinical and early stages of the disease”

Project head: MD, PhD, Associate Professor Kadomzeva L.V.

Applied project PZ-20170929704

“Development of screening methods for early diagnosis of autism at preclinical and early stages of manifestation”

Project head: PhD Ergasheva N.N.

Applied project PZ-201709071

“Development of a method for early diagnosis of preeclampsia in pregnant women with the help of the anti-angiogenic protein sFlt1 and the morpho-functional characteristics of the placenta”

Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor D.D. Kurbanov

Applied project PZ-20170913157

“Prevention of complications in children of younger age group after cardiac surgery, with the development of a balanced analgesia and intensive care”

Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor T.S. Agzamkhodjaev

Fundamental project SSV-f-04 for the period of 2017-2020 years

“The study of the composition of metabolic profiles in human biological environments in fetal growth restriction syndrome. Search for low-molecular organic substances – potential biomarkers of pathology”

Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor Y.G. Rasul-Zade

Innovative project I-SS-2017-631 for the period of 2017-2018 years

“Introduction of the method of optimization of emergency medical care”

Project head: Dr.Med.Sc., Professor А.М. Sharipov