The main activities of department are:
• Providing with the newest technical means of a.obucheniye educational process of institute.
• On the basis of demands from chairs lecture halls are provided with a multimedia projector, overkhety and a microphone.
• The department is engaged in a film photo in shooting and production of color photos.
•  Provides all actions of institute by the latest technical means:  Academic council, conferences, SNO, degree protection. 
• Carries out rewriting of educational movies on disks.
• The Internet of the Site of institute is engaged in replenishment in information new by a photo on HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION activity.
Management and organization of activity of department: 
• The management of Department is carried out by the head of department appointed by the order of the rector of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION.
• Employees of department are accepted by the rector according to the recommendation of the head of department.
• The chief presides at all activity according to Position of Department and the institute Charter.
Department structure: The department has 4 established posts, from them:
• Head of department
• Engineer of 1 category.
• Engineer
• Technician
Obligations of department:
• Ensuring work computer and office equipments in institute cases;
• To provide all actions of institute by technical means of training: Academic council, lectures, conferences, SNO solemn dates.
• Providing film photo with shooting.
• Production of color photos
• Rewriting of educational disks.
• Fills up an institute site with new pictures about institute activity.
• Carries out advisory and explanatory work with the staff of chairs on TSO use.