The main objective of the Department of International relations(DIR) is a solution to the complex task of creating and ensuring strong international links with the foreign universities and the implementation of activities aimed at strengthening research, educational and cultural potential of the institute, based on the strategic directions and charter TashPMI.

1. The main objectives of DIR:
1.1. Development on the basis of documents of legislative and executive bodies of the proposals and recommendations to management TashPMI on the development of international relations in the field of education and science.
1.2. Development of proposals and coordination of structural units of TashPMI, in issues related with establishing of international agreements, coordination and implementation of international cooperation programs and agreements in the field of education and science.
1.3. Providing the interaction with government agencies and non-governmental organizations engaged to international cooperation and interaction with the executive and legislative authorities on international cooperation in the field of education and science.
1.4. Development of proposals for the adoption of regulations governing the international relations in the field of education.
1.5. Being in close contact with the interested departments and potential individuals ofTashPMIin the field of cooperation with foreign partners.
1.6. Providing assistanceto foreign students, professors in visa related issues, education, training, conferences and organization of the reception of foreign delegations visiting to TashPMI.
1.7. The organization of international events, including conferences and roundtables.
1.8. Preparing the periodic statistical reports about the activities of DIR.

2. Functions. In accordance with the main objectives of the DIR provides the following functions:
2.1. Organization of an integrated system of the University of International Cooperation with the countries, regions and international organizations in the sphere of education and science.
2.2. Revealing the main priority programs of cooperation and development of international relations with foreign states and international organizations.
2.3. The organization works on the implementation of the tasks of TashPMI such issues education, as well as international cooperation programs.
2.4. Presenting ofTashPMI in international organizations, at the international conferences and exhibitions on education and science.
2.5. Organization of training, internships, training of foreign nationals and citizens of Uzbekistan.
2.6. Support of foreign students and professors arriving to the TashPMI.
2.7. Organization of the selection of teachers on short-term and long-term scientific work in foreign countries as part of cooperation agreements with foreign universities and clinics.
2.8. Organization of admission of foreign students and teachers in priority areas such as “pediatric work” and “medicine”.
2.9. Information and analytical support of international cooperation.
2.10. Participation in improvement of regulatory and the legal framework of TashPMI’s international activity.
2.11. Implementation of the current counseling and other assistance to departments and employees of TashPMI on international activities.
2.12. Information support of the University website for international activities.
2.13. Announcement of scientific and educational activities with the participation of foreign experts, invited by TashPMI.
2.14. Informing employees of the University departments up to date information about the ongoing international scientific forums, programs of various organizations and foundations.