To the employees


          The Innovation Centre can be consulted on the implementation of ICT in the learning process, to obtain information about possible projects for new learning and teaching techniques, as well as in future they can have the opportunity to receive training on specific topics of ICT research and finding information on the Internet. At the same time, they can test knowledge on ICT and foreign languages.



Visa for Erasmus+ project participants  

Visa issues for participants of the Credit Mobility Projects under Erasmus+ Programme

Visas for all Erasmus+ operators are free. The Credit Mobility project participants from EU member-states, with no diplomatic representation or consulate of the Republic of Uzbekistan should address to the nearest Uzbek Embassies/Consulates in any European country.

In order to obtain an invitation letter, a visa request on official headed paper of the local partner University in Uzbekistan should be sent (faxed) to the National Erasmus+ Office (NEO) with the scanned copy of passport and the following information:

- Title (Mr/Ms)

- Name

- Surname (in capital letters)

- Nationality

- Date of birth

- Place of birth

- Passport number

- Date of issue

- Place of issue

- Date of expiry

- Anticipated date of travel

- Purpose and duration of the proposed visit in framework of credit mobility

- Place where visa is to be collected (check the list of the Uzbek Embassies/Consulates in Europe

- Fax number to which a copy of the letter of invitation should be sent

The contact person’s name responsible for the organization of the mobility visit and contact details (tel, fax) should be mentioned in visa request. In order to facilitate the visa procedure, the above information should be sent by e-mail to the local partners and copied to

Having received this information, the NEO will apply to the National Coordinating Unit for the visa. Please note that it takes at least 10-15 working days from the date of applying to the National Coordinating Unit to the date of visa being available in one of the Uzbek Embassies or Consulates in EU.

A confirmation letter on behalf of the National Coordinating Unit with telex (reference) number of visa and exact place of issue will be sent to European partners directly from the National Erasmus+ Office.

According to this letter a visa obtained from relevant Uzbek Embassies/Consulates in Europe. Information on visa processing is available on the website of the National Coordinating Unit

In some exceptional/emergency cases the foreign citizens arriving from the countries where there is no diplomatic representation or consular mission of the Republic of Uzbekistan can get visas upon arrival at the Visa Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the Tashkent International Airport.

In this case there is a need to get visa confirmation (four-square stamp) of the Visa Department of the Consular Section which states:

“Visa for Mr/Ms ___ will be issued at the Tashkent International Airport upon his/her arrival. Ref. No___ ...). Thus only upon receiving a scanned copy of this letter with the stamp the applicant can go further with flight check-in procedure.

However as Air carriers have the right to refuse carriage to passengers who fail to comply with applicable laws or to present all necessary travel documents, they might refuse the boarding. It is the traveler's responsibility to verify the conditions of its "contract of carriage" with the company. That is why it is strongly recommended to follow common procedures. 

Local project partners applying for a visa to visit EU countries will also be provided with a support letter of EU Delegation to Uzbekistan (a copy of the invitation letter from the European Coordinator at the host university, an official letter from the Rector of the home university, the signed Learning Agreement of the mobility and a copy of the first page of the passport are required). Visas for the local partners to visit the EU HEIs for all Erasmus+ activities are granted free of charge by the EU Member States Embassies in Tashkent.