Турсуметов А.А., Ташкентский педиатрический медицинский институт

Исаков Ш.Ш. Ташкентский педиатрический медицинский институт


The article considers the issues of microbiological substantiation of the bactericidal action of photodynamic therapy using the methylene blue photosensitizer against to the microflora of the bronchial tree in the experiment in vitro. In the experiment, the inhibition of the growth of microbial strains under the action of laser radiation in the red range with a wavelength of 630 nm was determined. Optimal modes of action and exposure of photodynamic antibiotic therapy have been established. The maximum antibacterial effect of PDT against bacteria was achieved using a 0.05% aqueous solution of MB. Used microbiological, statistical research methods.

Keywords: antibiotic-resistant bacteria, photodynamic therapy, photosensitizer, methylene blue

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Турсуметов А.А., Исаков Ш.Ш. ФОТОДИНАМИЧЕСКАЯ ТЕРАПИЯ — ИННОВАЦИОННЫЙ МЕТОД БОРЬБЫ С АНТИБИОТИКОРЕЗИСТЕНТНЫМИ БАКТЕРИЯМИ В ХИРУРГИИ // Евразийский вестник педиатрии. — 2022; 2 (13): 33-39. https://clck.ru/hcm58


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