The department was formed in September 1982 and was called “childhood diseases № 3” until 1996. Years 1996-2000 – “The general practitioner (GP). , 2000-2008 – “Hospital Pediatrics number 2.” From 2008 to present – “Hospital Pediatrics № 2 to traditional medicines.” First head was approved PhD, Associate Professor Alexey Kim born in 1933, a Korean, a pediatrician.

 In the period from 1986 to 1992, the department was headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Nadezhda Ivanova, born in 1936, a Russian, a pediatrician. Nadezhda Ivanova TashGosMI graduated in 1960.

From 1992-2012, the department is headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Rakhimov Saidolim Anvarovich, born in 1952, Uzbek, pediatrician, cardiorheumatology. Rakhimov Saidolim Anvarovich graduated from Central Asian Pediatric Medical Institute in 1975 godu.

S 2012 department is headed by MD, professor Akhmedov Dilorom Ilhamovna.

Currently, employees of the department are:

1.Akhmedova Dilorom Ilhamovna – Zav.kafedzhroy, sciences, professor.

2.Hasan Abbasovich Hodjimetov dostent,

3 Sharofat Masharipovna Kuryazova,

4.Rano Tulkunovna Yunusova,

5.Nilufar Rasulovna Axmedova

6.Hilola Abduraufovna Ilhomova

7. Dergunova Galina Evgenyevna,

8.Abdurazakova Zarifa Kayumovna,

9.Hudolynazarova Salomat Ruzibaevna,

10.Umarbekova Nargiza Fraxadovna

11/Toshmetova Bahtiniso Rustoevna

12/ Ahmedova Inobat Muhamedjanovna

13/ Umarnazarova Zulhumor Ernazarovna

 At the Department of Education are students  of the 6th year Madicke-Faculty of Education on the subject of “Pediatrics”, as well as students of the 6th year of pediatric faculty on the subject of “Hospital Pediatrics” . In addition, the department conducts research in the following areas: “Further development of prevention and treatment of bronchopulmonary disease in young children with a history of premorbid background.” Members of the department, applicants are cooperating with the following organizations: the Research Institute of Pediatrics, the Research Institute of Endocrinology, Uzbekistan, Research Institute of Immunology ANRUz. Department staff are actively involved in the development of guidelines, training manuals and textbooks propaedeutics childhood diseases and the general care of children. To date, they have released more than 20 policy recommendations, 2 textbooks and teaching aids. In addition, the department, the applicants are active in international conferences, congresses and symposia. To date, they have published over 200 theses, 100 articles.