Center for Advanced Technologies and Strategic Initiatives (CATSI) of TPMI – this center is the beneficiary of the TPMI Innovation Center and was established on the basis of Order No. 410 TPMI dated October 3, 2022.

The main goal of the Center is the introduction and systematic development of new modern advanced digital technologies and telecommunications tools in the management and educational process using advanced international digital technologies.

The main task of the specialists of the CATSI Center is aimed at promoting the introduction of advanced technologies in the activities of TPMI, and the following can be identified as priorities::

  • Development of proposals for the digital modernization of the Institute with the involvement of local and foreign specialists
  • Systematic organization of work to attract international financial institutions and foreign organizations
  • Digitalization of the educational process based on a unified technical and educational methodology developed by the center
  • Development and implementation of the necessary advanced digital and modern educational and international research projects at the center
  • Methodological, analytical and consulting support of all departments and departments of the Institute in the development of advanced digital technologies
  • Conducting research in the field of medicine and advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, biotechnology and big data databases
  • Preparation of analytical and strategic documents in the field of medicine and advanced technologies
  • Implementation of international projects in the field of medicine and advanced technologies
  • Implementation and support of all infrastructure projects implemented on the basis of the e-University 3.0 concept
  • Ensuring regular operation and development of digital technologies included in the Smart Campus Network system and of strategic importance.
  • Implementation of acceleration and incubation activities for the implementation of start-up projects
  • Implementation and development of the Institute’s videoconferencing system project

The team of the Center for Advanced Technologies and Strategic Initiatives is carried out by highly qualified specialists who have professional victories in competitions, received grants and projects, scholarships, etc.)

The center’s activities are carried out in cooperation with all centers, departments and departments of TPMI.