Mission of the Institute

Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute is a state higher educational institution with financial and academic independence. In the implementation of activities for the implementation of basic and professional educational programs of pre- and postgraduate education, as well as educational, methodological, scientific, spiritual and educational activities and international cooperation, the institute acts in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Detailed information about the institute can be obtained on the website of the institute, follow the link: https://tashpmi.uz/institute/ob-institute/

Vision of the institute

The Institute, being one of the cells from the state spheres, departments and industries, has a role in their development, and the training of highly qualified medical specialists has its contribution to the development of both the practical level of healthcare and the scientific and pedagogical potential in general. And this directly affects the improvement of the provision of highly qualified medical care to the population, the increase in a healthy population and the birth of a healthy generation, which will affect the contribution to maintaining a healthy gene pool. In maintaining continuous development, the institute sets high goals for itself and creates conditions for sustainable development.

Considering the foregoing, the institute has such a vision – “Creating an enabling environment in the training of highly qualified medical personnel for the healthcare system, by providing knowledge, mastering the skills and abilities of healthcare practitioners, developing research and interregional, as well as international cooperation, as faculty and students alike.

To realize the vision and mission, the institute sets the following main tasks:
– training of highly qualified competitive specialists, formation of a harmoniously developed and devoted personality of a citizen of an independent state;
– the development of science through research and creative activities of scientific and pedagogical workers and students, the use of the results obtained in the educational process;
– training, retraining and advanced training of workers with higher education and scientific and pedagogical personnel;
– dissemination of knowledge among the population, raising its educational and cultural level.

Detailed information about the goals and main tasks of the institute can be obtained on the website of the institute, follow the link: https://tashpmi.uz/institute/ob-institute/