About liceum

The Academic Lyceum of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute was founded in 1997. In 1999 it received the status of Academic Lyceum. The lyceum is considered to be taught of 540 volunteers and specializes in the in-depth study of biology and chemistry. Direction of preparation: – Natural sciences (in-depth study of biology, chemistry, mother tongue and literature). Educational classrooms are equipped with the necessary equipments: 6 language laboratories, 4 computer classes, educational and laboratory classrooms in chemistry, biology, physics, multimedia system. There are2 Doctors of Sciences among the teaching staff of the Lyceum. Lyceum makes a worthy contribution to the expansion of the ranks of erudite young people. The lyceum has departments of biology, chemistry, humanities, and the department of languages. There are circles in biology, chemistry, computer science, English, and mathematics; sports sections on chess, checkers, table tennis, athletics, football, basketball, volleyball, wrestling. Graduating the Lyceum, students receive the specialty “Laboratory assistant of Medical Laboratory.”

History of the Lyceum

Lyceum TashPMI was founded in 1997, the status of “Academic Lyceum” was approved in 1999. Over the 21 year history of the Lyceum, thousands of students have gained knowledge, in addition to this, the Lyceum is the pride of Uzbekistan, as it prepares and educates international students. Lyceum specialized in science. Currently, among the graduates of the Lyceum there are many bright and talented personalities. Over the past 10 years, the Academic Lyceum of Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute has deserved the honor to become a participant in the Mendeleev International Olympiad in Chemistry and the World Chemistry Olympiad. During these ten years, students of the lyceum adequately showed their knowledge in the international arena. Substantive preparation of students for these Olympiads and the work of mentors bore fruit. And these results Academic Lyceum TashPMI proud. In terms of winners of chemistry competitions, our lyceum occupies not only among lyceums, not only in the Republic, but also in the CIS countries. If the results of 10 years are summarized, then the following picture emerges: Only 43 medals. Of them: 5 gold medals (3 at the International Mendeleev Olympics, 2 at the World Chemistry Olympiad). 11 silver medals (9 at the International Mendeleev Olympics, 2 at the World Chemistry Olympiad). 27 bronze medals (19 at the International Mendeleev Olympics, 8 at the World Chemistry Olympiad). 47 diplomas and certificates of different levels.

Contact information

Address: 100164, Tashkent city, district Yunusabad, st. Bogishamol 223.

Phone: (8-371) 260-35-24; 260-35-41

Fax: (8-371) 260-28-16

E-mail: toshpti-litsey@umail.uz