Rector’s Address

Botir Daminov
Rector of TashPMI
Doctor of medicine, professor

In the Constitution of our Uzbekistan every citizen has theright to education according to “The National program on personnel’s training”. The given Program gives every citizen, who is care for continuous education, to get necessary knowledge at Higher Educational Institution. Medical education includes the next stages:

  • Academic lyceum or college,
  • Medical Higher Educational institution,
  • Magistracy,
  • Clinical Residency,
  • Postgraduate study.

They are continuous education. Tashkent Pediatric Medical institute is state educational office, which carry out the main and additional program for medical education. Professor teacher’s staff of the institute not only teaches
students but also does science, works in clinic and consults sick people. TashPMI (Tashkent Pediatric Medical institution) was founded in 1972 for training pediatricians for the republics of Central Asia.

The students are trained on budget and contract base. For realization this program the state standards and criteria of doctor’s qualificational character were worked out. We are ready to collaborat in scientific and educational spheres medical schools and institutions all over the world.

I am sure, that future of medicine is in collaboration.