Dear applicants!

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, from June 20 of this year, online registration of applicants for undergraduate studies at higher educational institutions for the 2022/2023 academic year will begin.

– the applicant’s phone number will be authorized;
– passport data, information about the address of permanent residence and information about the graduated educational institution will be entered;
– data on the availability of benefits and a certificate of national / international standard on foreign language proficiency will be entered.

Registration of applicants will be carried out online on the website of the State Testing Center ( and on the website of the Unified Portal of Interactive Public Services (

Registration will last until July 20 (July 20 inclusive), and applicants will be given the opportunity until July 20, if necessary, to change their data and enter information about the national / international certificate of foreign language proficiency when receiving a certificate during this period.

This year, at the entrance exams, applicants take exams in 5 subjects. The maximum score is 189.0 points.

For all those tested, 3 subjects will be mandatory (the maximum score is 33.0 points):
1. Native language (Uzbek, Russian, Karakalpak and other languages) – 10 questions, for the correct answer – 1.1 points;
2. Mathematics – 10 questions, for the correct answer – 1.1 points;
3. History of Uzbekistan – 10 questions, for the correct answer – 1.1 points.

In 2 subjects corresponding to the direction of the bachelor (maximum score – 156 points):
Subject No. 1 – 30 questions, for the correct answer – 3.1 points;
Subject No. 2 – 30 questions, for the correct answer – 2.1 points.

Admission committee
Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute