In February 2020, the rector of the Institute signed an order on the creation of a Council for the Encouragement of Students. In accordance with the order, all students studying on a grant and fee-contract basis, possessing special abilities and talent, taking an active part in the social life of the Institute, being winners of national and international Olympiads in subjects and sports competitions can be encouraged in the form of additional payments in relation to the established scholarships (allowances) during the semester or in the form of one-time payments.

In this regard, the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute annually holds competitions on financial encouragement of students at the end of each semester.

Since the launch of the electronic platform “TashPMI Student Portfolio”, the system of financial incentives for students has completely switched to an electronic format. Now, students who want to receive financial encouragement for their own achievements or financial assistance according to the established rules need to register and download, and subsequently update the relevant supporting documents on the platform.

If you wish to receive encouragement from the institute in the form of a supplement to the scholarship, you need:

  1. Go through all the stages of registration and open an account on the electronic platform “Portfolio of a student of TashPMI” at the link —;
  2. To study the cells in the directions of the criterion of encouragement in a personal account;
  3. With the help of a personal account, upload electronic forms of documents that are the basis for receiving an allowance for a scholarship based on the results of activities for the past semester of the current (last) academic year (certificates, diplomas, articles, theses and other supporting documents) according to the cells in the areas of the criterion of encouragement (in signed and stamped form in the format PDF).

The names of the uploaded files should be written according to the following principle:
Full name_forma documenta_the reason for receiving

— diploma — Abdullaev A.A._diplom_1 place_international Olympiad
— certificate — Abdullaev A.A._sertificat_IELTS_7.0
— article — Abdullaev A.A._state_zarubezhna_vak
— thesis — Abdullaev A.A._theesis of the international conference

Note: * — when submitting documents, the student is personally responsible for the authenticity of the information and the submitted documents. In case of falsification of information and/or documents, the selection results will be canceled and penalties will be applied to the student in accordance with the established legislation.

important! At the end of each semester and academic year, an open list of the TOP 50 best students of the institute will be formed on the platform, which will be encouraged by the management of the institute with valuable prizes.

In order to facilitate the use of this platform, video instructions were prepared on the use of the electronic platform “Portfolio of a student of TashPMI”, which can be found by clicking on the link below:

For more information, you can contact the primary organization of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan at the Institute, the student council, deputy deans and tutors of faculties.