The main objectives of research activities are:
– identification of priority areas of scientific research in the context of departments;
– formation of the main directions of scientific research of departments and the formation of the topic of research activities of the institute;
– expansion of scientific research on fundamental, applied, innovative grants;
– improving the scientific qualifications of the teaching staff;
– writing and preparation for publication of monographs, scientific articles, reports, textbooks and teaching aids;
– review of scientific articles and abstracts of reports;
– management of student scientific research, reports and involvement of students in projects;
– cooperation with scientific publications, international research institutes;
– the research activities of teachers are mainly carried out in accordance with their research directions, as well as conducting scientific research on economic contracts and innovative projects;
– the number of published abstracts of reports at international, republican and university conferences, scientific articles is increasing, a reserve of material is being formed for the development and publication of methodological guidelines, educational and methodological complexes, textbooks and textbooks.