Grant Development nozogeogrofical register of children leucosis illness in Republic of Uzbekistan – applied research. 1 Usage of program of hemoglobin healing for teenagers, preparing young women to pregnancy and young men to army service. Innovative. 2 Specialties of kids iron metabolism in ecological zones of Priaral. Innovative research. 3 Development of new methods of diagnosing of iron less conditions in human’s body in chronobiology. Applied research. 4 Development of medical technologies used for puberty teenagers in industrial zones of Republic of Uzbekistan, applied research. 5 Development of modern medical technologies for healing babies and their mothers lived in industrial zones and centers of Republic of Uzbekistan. We cooperate with the same courses of our country’s Universities; TMA, AndMI, SamMI, Urgench MI, Nukus’s department of TasPMI, also leading organizations in hematological direction In Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Ukraine.