The chair was founded in September 1982 and was called “Children’s diseases №3” until 1996. 1996-2000 – “the General practitioner (GP). 2000-2008 – “hospital Pediatrics №2”. From 2008 to present – “hospital Pediatrics №2 with folk medicine”.

The first head of Department was approved by the candidate of medical Sciences, associate Professor Kim Alexey Alexandrovitch . According to the staff schedule, the 1982 /1983 school year the first staff of the

Department began in the following composition: 1. Kim A. A. – head of Department, PhD, associate Professor.

2. Kenjebaev S. S. – PhD, associate Professor.

3. Musaev, Y. M. – PhD, associate Professor.

4. Kasymov S. B. – PhD, assistant

5. Fierce Z. A. – PhD, assistant

6. Atajanova F. N. – PhD in medical Sciences, assistant Professor

7. Karimova M. N. – PhD, assistant

8. Altybaeva S. S. – PhD, assistant

9. Aliyev M. M. – PhD, assistant Professor

10. Ignatova O. F. – assistant

11. Skibnevskaya A. I. assistant

12. Kalyuzhnaya, S. I. – assistant

13. Valiev F. T. – assistant

14. Bondarenko N. F. assistant 1

5. Aliyev L. D. – the assistant

16. Sevenths D. E. – assistant

17.According to the staff schedule,

t18. Popova N. In. – clinical Intern

19. If L. L. is a clinical resident

20. Nagai, L. L. – clinical resident

21. Kadyrov S. S. – clinical resident

22. Mamontova E. A. – clinical Intern

23. Chernikova A. A. – senior laboratory assistant

24. Nishanbaev R. T. – senior laboratory assistant.

The Department was located at the city hospital (160 beds) array Yunus – Abad, 10th United children’s hospital (110 beds) Chilanzar district, children’s clinic №5 of the Kirov district and 10 the children’s clinic of Chilanzar district of Tashkent city.

In the period from 1986 to 1992 the Department was headed by doctor of medical science, Professor Ivanova Nadezhda Vasilievna, 1936 year of birth, Russian, pediatrician. Ivanova Nadezhda Vasilievna graduated from the Tashkent state medical Institute in 1960. In 1960-1966, he was a Professor in a medical College. In 1966-1972, the resident physician of the 15th city clinical hospital. From 1972 to 1986 she passed the way from resident medical practitioner, lecturer, assistant Professor various pediatric departments TashPMI, since 1986 he headed the Department “Children diseases №3” combining the position of Vice-rector for science of the Institute. In 1989 he defended his doctoral thesis on the theme: “Violation of Central and peripheral hemodynamics in the most common diseases of child age in predicting cardiovascular disease”.

Since 1992 the Department was headed by doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Rahimov Saidalim Anvarovich, 1952 year of birth, the Uzbek, a pediatrician, a rheumatologist.

Rahimov Saidalim Anvarovich graduated from Central Asian Medical Pediatric Institute in 1975. In 1975-1977, he passed clinical residency at the Department of faculty of Pediatrics of the Institute. In 1977-1979, he served in the Soviet Army. In the period from 1979 to 1982 he studied at the postgraduate of this Department. From 1982 to 1990 – assistant Professor, from 1990 to 1995 associate Professor, since 1995 – Professor. In 1994, defended his doctoral thesis on “Clinical interpretation of results in genealogy and Association with juvenile chronic arthritis with some modelirovanii and amendolara marker systems under the effect of visaltia inbreeding”.At the same time the head of the Department from 1993 to 1997 he was the responsible Secretary of a selection Committee. 1993-1994 – chief pediatrician of the Ministry of health of the Republic. 1996 to 1998, Dean of the faculty, 2001-2002 Director of the Republican Perinatal center, 1997-2005 worked as scientific Secretary of the Specialized Council on Pediatrics, 1996-present member of the editorial Board of the journal “Pediatrics”.

In 2010, under the editorship of Professor S. A. Rakhimova published textbook “hospital Pediatrics” in the state language (Latin, Cyrillic).

 Currently head of the Department is MD, Professor Dilorom Akhmedova, Ilkhamova. Under the leadership of D. A. Ahmedova reserved 5 doctoral and 20 master’s theses. The chair successfully combined scientific work with educational-methodical work. Merits of many employees of chair repeatedly mentioned by the leadership Institute of the MOH and Ministry of higher education. Department staff are actively involved in the development of methodical recommendations, manuals and textbooks on propedeutics of children’s diseases and the General care of children. The staff of the chair published more than 20 methodical recommendations, 2 textbooks and manuals, monographs.